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check Nepenthes as well
Unis, Ina Men (consignment), Barneys, Odin, Gentry, 45rpm
I wear 42 in achilles and derby shines
I'm a 42 and have experienced different a different fit depending on the model and material. Sizing down one size as standard for me: - the vintage high's fit snug - achilles lows in leather true to size - achilles canvas run large - achilles mids run large
some of the vintage highs fit a little tight. I have a pair that are a little snug, and make sure I wear thin socks. You may be able to have a cobbler stretch them.
nah...that's you my dude.
my money is on my feet in savings
believe me, you can find them cheaper. I've been wearing and selling CP's since they first launched.
CP prices are average
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