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Depends which one. I had the insulated one with Harris tweed that was warm.
Used Panerai
hit me if you you need one
not sure what you're doing to get that hole. I've had a ton of cps and that's never happened.
Homespun Medium fit almost perfect in the chest while the Moleskine fit baggy. I tried the moleskin in a small but it was too tight. The fit felt pretty off. Bought the Homespun
this https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2373/brown-homespun-bedford-jacket
Sizing for polos is all over the pace. I'm a true medium and some of the polos that I've bought in a size 3 are skin tight, some true to size. Some 4's have fit as well
I have some Nanamica jackets made in china and the quality is outstanding, as well as old RRL
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