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I disagree working stiff. Style is an expression of character.
my dude…leave it alone…it's not for you
Definitely a US brand. Legendary retailer that was one of the first to bridge streetwear and fashion. One of the first collaborate with Trickers, Mackintosh etc, Help break Wings+Horns, Geller, Common Projects, Engineered Garments, etc. Miss Will, Isa and the rest of those dudes
Best piece they ever produced was the blackwatch coat they produced by Mackintosh. Still rock mine to this day.
There is what they market, and what actually sells. EG will always have strong basic pieces, but they need to drive interest by pushing forward different ideas each season. They are a fashion brand by the way.
I've trooped all over NYC in CP's for years. If they're not comfortable, you either have the wrong size or they're not built for your feet.
thanks. looking forward to breaking them in
first pair of whiskey's
Shell Cordovan short wing boot in 9D Cordovan comes with Alden shoe trees for free Color 8 Great boot from Alden that can be dressed up or worn with jeans. They have been worn a handful of times, with a couple of nicks, but they are in great shape, and always kept with Alden shoe trees. Current list price of $683.00 Here's detailed information from Shoe...
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