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i have sport jackets from both. haven't noticed any differences
Find Finn, you're buggin
You don't get my point. This is not a high fashion thread. It's about girl's style.
not the case. This thread is labeled how labeled "how would you like a girl to dress." It's a thread about girl's style, wether that be street style, fashion, etc. They don't have to be runway models to be posted in this thread. Dr. Huh there have plenty of women that have been posted that members have ogled over about their physical beauty.
I think I'm the only one who posted one
Band of Outsiders Sport Coat - Brand New with tags - 100% Heavy duty cotton - Convertible 3 button, peak lapels - unlined versatile jacket - list price 445 Euros - Double vented - Brass Buttons with 2 extra buttons - 2 front pockets - 2 inside pockets - Made in Italy Measurements: Size 3 pit to pit: 20.5 shoulder to shoulder: 18.5 Sleeve: 25.5 Length: 26.5
Navy Engineered Garments Andover - Diamond Pattern - 3 button peak lapel - single vent - trim fit - single vent - 100% Cotton - Lined sleeves acetate/nylon - 2 inside pockets - Breast flap pockets - 2 pockets right side, 1 pocket left side - Made in NYC Measurements: size medium pit to pit: 20 shoulder to shoulder: 18.5 Sleeve: 26 Length: 28.5
Grey Band of Outsiders - slim fit - Great condition - 2 button Peak Lapel - Full Canvas - Breast pocket with 3 inside pockets - Double vented - Full lining - nut corozo buttons - normally retails for $2,000+ - made in USA Measurements: size 3 pit to pit: 20 shoulder to shoulder: 18 Sleeve: 25 Length: 27 * imperceptible pea sized stain on left lapel
Grey CP highs size 42. Butter leather. Been sitting in the closest and need a home.
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