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Everyone once in a while you have a true NYC story that makes you glad that you live here. After I just bought a Geller x CP Derby a couple of weeks ago, I ran into Robert Geller on the train platform this morning in Brooklyn. We talked for about 30 minutes on the evolution of men's style as we road the train into the city. Cool ass dude.
go bigger and use an insole
makes my favorite knits
Since we're all in the spirit...I have a storm parka for sale and would consider selling a pristine navy mallory...both in size 48
good luck with that
I have a pair that are pretty worn in, but still in good shape
Not too old man. As long as you have he frame and confidence to pull it off...go for it
We need better songs...damn with all the creative talent in this country...we haven't come up with anything better than USA...USA
Colored....that term went out in the 60's...wow
just broke mine in today at fashion week
New Posts  All Forums: