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picked up a suede and wool Crombie sweater for a steal.
hit me if you you need one
not sure what you're doing to get that hole. I've had a ton of cps and that's never happened.
Homespun Medium fit almost perfect in the chest while the Moleskine fit baggy. I tried the moleskin in a small but it was too tight. The fit felt pretty off. Bought the Homespun
this https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2373/brown-homespun-bedford-jacket
Sizing for polos is all over the pace. I'm a true medium and some of the polos that I've bought in a size 3 are skin tight, some true to size. Some 4's have fit as well
I have some Nanamica jackets made in china and the quality is outstanding, as well as old RRL
those are my favorite may of CP's that I've worn for years
exactly...everyone steals...just some more blatantly than others
New Posts  All Forums: