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I have a pair I'm gonna crack the pavement soon. Great shoe..had some before.
I hear about CP's punishing people's feet. I've been wearing them for years and they fit me fine. They are not for everyone. Some brands do the same thing for me. I'd try other brands like Butteroo, Zespa, etc if CP's are hurting your feet.
good price if brand new
I wear gio's, but bio skinny if you want slim
If you have wide feet get the bballs. achilles are for narrow feet.
I have a pair I need to move
You guys are killing this thread
leather quality depends on the make and model...I wouldn't say they've "declined" and I've worn them since they launched
It was Stuart & Wright for most of its existence, until one of the partners left. It was actually housed in a french garment cleaner, hence the name. They were in Ft. Greene way early and one of the line spots in BK that sold those type of brands way before anyone else. Good folks. Hate to see them go...
it's not calculus...just go down 1 size
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