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I have a couple submariner sweater from years ago and they're great
You guys will beat a topic into dust.
too each their own. They feel just fine on my feet and as someone who racks up at least a mile or two a day walking on the street, they do just fine.
I've been pounding the pavement of NYC for a decade in CP's. Every shoe is not made for everyone's feet. They fit me like a glove and are fine for walking.
When my cp's get dirty or worn they get binned or sold....brothers dont do dirty kicks
mainstream to super menswear nerds. The average man doesn't even know what a cp is
I'm glad folks are jumping off the cp train. I've been riding from the start and will continue to do so.
http://www.anticboutik.com/fr/ has some VIS on sale
https://www.featuresneakerboutique.com 50% off with merryxmas
capsule toronto up to 30% off http://www.capsuletoronto.com
New Posts  All Forums: