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another ESK joint
I have Centenary Mallory in blue. Worn a handful of times
Have some Cabourn to post in sale section this weekend
great piece Zissou. I have a couple of those Ben cardigans.
That's a good Mrs.
Yeah. Get the ones on the site. monocle version aren't worth the cash.
the socks I got were specially for monocle. very average. The socks on the site look more plush.
forgot to add th socks I got at monocle store
a couple of ben cardigans for a few hundred a pop - a light merino crew neck collaboration with monocle magazine, and a waist coat. There stuff isn't cheap, but it's solidly built and has a great hand feel
I picked up a few knits over the last few months. Waiting to get a little colder for some of them.
New Posts  All Forums: