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Krish you have no clue what your talking about. CP's took the stan smith and elevated it. They opened up a new niche in the marketplace and a ton of brands rushed in. It has nothing to do with YSL. Look at how many brands look like CP knockoffs now.
CP's are classics that will transcend of all these fashion sneakers and still be around when they fold tent
Thom Browne Engineered Garments Unis Nanamica Nonnative Common Projects Orslow Nike New Balance Comme des Garcons
One of my favorite pieces I bought last year. Feels like it was tailored for me off the rack
They could have told more of his backstory. I wanted to know how he had the gift for connecting with young Black kids. They never really explained that.
get the sub with green bezel and black face
check Nepenthes as well
Unis, Ina Men (consignment), Barneys, Odin, Gentry, 45rpm
I wear 42 in achilles and derby shines
New Posts  All Forums: