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That safari shirt with the 187 monogram is killer. How would the safari shirt look with a band collar?
Edit double post
That new collar is sweet with the french placket too. @epaulet any idea when the belts for the chelsea boots are coming?
Hey Mike, What ever happen to the matching belts that come with chelsea boots?
That's a really nice make-up Mike. How's the last on the Derby's compared to the Chelseas?
[[SPOILER]] Willie's Shoe Service on La Brea are absolutely phenomenal. Can't go wrong there. Thanks man will look into it.
Rough morning putting on my Chelsea's. Anyone know a good cobbler in LA area?
Reminds me of the navy LBM DB I picked up in a 40 awhile ago.
Saddle Chelsea's
No hip pockets. I was looking for that too.
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