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Got the Khaki field jacket yesterday in the mail. Windy day in LA so got to test if it's wind proof and definitely did the job there. But warmed right up and still didn't get too warm in the jacket. So definitely worth a purchase if anyone's on the edge out here. @ Mike Will the field jacket shirk at all still or did the enzyme wash pretty much take that out?
edited double post.
Yeah its between that and the french blue doyle since it's already warming up in LA.
Grey moleskin field jacket, how's the weight it? Been thinking about picking that up.
That batik as a suit would be awesome but any bigger pictures of the whole print?
Went with the gun metal runner.
Hey Mike how does the Combat boot fit compared to the runner? Because I remember the hi's, full court, and tennis were a little too narrow for me. The runner and GATs were good though but I'm worried about the toe box and width of the combat boot. Thanks
Just got to my Individualized Shirt from the LA trunk. Fits great but missing the monogram I requested.
The blind eyelets definitely look cleaner
Hey Mike will the EPLA sportcoat be washable?
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