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Just got to my Individualized Shirt from the LA trunk. Fits great but missing the monogram I requested.
The blind eyelets definitely look cleaner
Hey Mike will the EPLA sportcoat be washable?
Looking forward to the EPLA khaki sport coat
Any news on the noragi release?
Congrats On the baby Mike
Great to hear I don't have to do too much to the Bartlett. Its getting more wear than anything else in my closet lately and loving the armhole gussets.
Hey Mike for the Barlett double rider would the tarrago spray make it water proof? I sprayed it down and it doesn't seems to have the same effect it has on shoes.
I have the DB and I love the look of it. But yeah as Tricky said if you already have some standard ones the Barrett is the one to go for.
He Mike, Is the Santa Monica store getting the Bartlett jacket?
New Posts  All Forums: