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1+ nuthin but a gangsta that's some heat.
Hey Mike if I took a 41 in southwick would I take the same in the Vittorio? That Blue Danube is pretty tempting in a full suit.
Suede sportcoat hmmm...
Hey Razl I usually get the french placket myself just add it in the additional comments and they'll set you up.
If only there were ghost suede track pants too. Ghost suede track suit with cap and sneakers. The complete EPLA tracksuit.
How's the fit on carvers compared to the crepe sole Chelsea's?
Tried them on at the proper kit and don't remember it having the frayed edges. But I definitely love the detail. That Leonardo barber jacket is looking pretty sweet too.
Loving the stretch rescue denim work shirt. Great job on these Rob, fit is really good too.
Black Bartlett couple of years old now.
Got the black one. Still going strong
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