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I also have a 10-inch drop and went the Brooks separates route. For the price on sale, I don't think it's a bad option at all, though the jacket did need pretty significant alterations (3ish inches of waist suppression). I'm satisfied for the price I paid though.
I don't like the fit of that polo very much, something about the baggy sleeves. Since it was mentioned earlier, what's a good place to get a leather necklace? Preferably cheap, but open to higher price ranges. And yes, I realize this isn't the ask a question thread, just figured I could post it here since it was mentioned earlier.
Guess I was the only one that thought these were too loose Stacking is when the jeans pile up on top of your shoes (many pics on the SW&D side, since that descriptions kinda vague). I would also never wear jeans that faded or bootcut, but to each his own I guess. Might want to post jeans questions on the Streetwear & Denim part of the forum, too.
The way your pants fall could be an issue of the fork (crutch?) balance. By that I mean the difference between the front and back rises. I have similar trouble with pants attaching themselves to my rear end and falling awkwardly at the foot. To solve it I decreased the difference between the front and back rises. More specifically, some pants I liked had a four inch difference between the two measurements (14.5 vs 10.5) and I changed it to a two inch difference (13.5...
I wouldn't wear a full suit to a college interview, but I don't mind the idea of a blazer. I second the recommendation of the navy blazer, but the one you describe sounds pretty good, too. If this is undergrad interviews we're talking about, I wouldn't worry too much about what you wear. I wore slacks and a dress shirt and got into some pretty good ones
Nearly everyone in my office wears slip-ons with their suits
Not to be rude, but you are far from my definition of athletic. I consider myself reasonably athletic and had to get CT slim-fit shirts taken in ~4 inches at the waist. However, I agree with the last poster, if you tuck a little differently the fit issues in the waist might disappear. The chest does look a little small, but nothing too bad if you're used to it (and don't mind "showing off" your chest). My two cents at least
I actually kind of liked the sweater Kobe was wearing in the post-game conference after Game 2. It seemed to fit well, but I only saw the top half. I've never seen an athlete that is much of a style icon though
I've done it before and will do it again. This is in casual setting though, not to work or anything. Give the tie bar a little slant, and I think it looks good IMO.
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