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The above quote about refining your taste struck me, because I've actually learned a lot from you about refining taste in terms of clothing. You refined your taste over the years by trying different styles, makers, etc. You figured out what you like and what looks good on you, as opposed to what you thought you would like or what you thought would look good. You did this through practice, experimentation, etc. It took time and trial and error of just living in your...
I know you are replacing the chair, but I like how the brown wood appears against the rug and works with all of the white/cream. It provides a nice contrast in color and texture without being the pop of color that some have suggested and which I agree with you that the room does not need. My personal preference may have been to go wood with the coffee table, but, I understand what you are doing here.Also, the rug does look nice.
I wouldn't worry about accepting delivery. These types of companies usually make things right. I had some issues with a chair from DWR after about three months. I sent them a few pictures to ask for their opinion, without specifically requesting anything. They sent me a new one two days later with no further questions.
I have no experience with it, but there is also Harrisons Oyster, which is closer to 13 ounces. Kolecho describes it as "a slightly more rustic finish than Lesser in the same weight." On here, rustic usually implies dryer and somewhat variegated, but I don't want to put words in his mouth.
The web site doesn't indicate that it comes in any other weights, and I can't remember from when I last looked at the book in person. I also suppose some may consider it more lightweight than midweight, depending on your location and tolerance for heat and cold.
I don't think your expectations are unreasonable. When you purchase a product like that, it should come in pristine condition.On the other hand, it is marble. While it definitely shouldn't happen before delivery, minor chips will likely happen down the road. If you're prepared to accept that, then maybe the chips won't really matter. If it will bug you, then maybe marble is not the right material.I recognize that you've had a good experience with your Saarinen table, so...
Harrisons Frontier is 300 grams. Compared to fresco, it is softer and smoother, has a less open weave, and has less variegation and mottling.
I can't imagine wood or laminate being heavy enough to rely on gravity alone. The top would slide right off, if you kicked your feet up too quickly.And after my earlier foo-asco, I will withhold from making any observations of the likelihood of it having an attachment based on pictures on my computer.
For, literally, the fourth time, it was not a criticism. It was an observation that one picture of one table made it seem that it was a different style of marble than one picture of another table. That was the extent of it. No critique. No judgment. Just marble A looked like X, and marble B looked like Y ... to me. I have a modest amount of familiarity with marble, having had our kitchen counters made from it. I'm not an idiot and get that my computer shows everything...
If $400-$600 is in your range, CB2 has some stuff that has that relatively modern Scandinavian look.
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