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Um, no.It's always amusing when people just get shit wildly wrong. This is particularly amusing, because it's just not even necessary for you to do. Ron Paul was overwhelmingly the choice of active military when he was running because of his support for bringing troops home. Nobody can dispute that. You could have made your point by stating that. Instead you just made shit up and completely discredited any point you actually tried to make.
 This is definitely false. First, there are no studies that actually indicate who was accepted through affirmative action. There are, however, studies that compare white vs. black graduation rates at Ivies. I'm just going to assume you're being lazy and equating being an accepted black student with being a student who was accepted through affirmative action. There's no doubt that a not insignificant amount of black students were accepted through favorable admission...
 I'm pretty sure that Gibonious said "drug crimes," not "drug possession." The "propaganda" also is generally for drug-related offenses, not simply drug possession. In 2014, 50.1% of federal inmates were in prison for drug-related crimes. There were 192,663 inmates, so let's call that about 96,000.In 2014, 15.7% of state inmates were in prison for drug-related crimes. There were 1.325 million inmates, so let's call that a little over 200,000. So, the number in prison for...
 Eh. He'll be around for whomever is in office.    My favorite: 
Trump's easement usage has been known for some time: http://www.wsj.com/articles/donald-trumps-land-donations-put-him-in-line-for-conservation-tax-breaks-1457656717
The highest asset category is $50+ million for financial disclosure documents. Trump could have 5 assets marked in that category, and we'd have no idea if the total of those assets is $250 million or $2.5 billion. The disclosures won't really tell us that much about his wealth.
A number of different color options.http://www.roomandboard.com/catalog/bedroom/armoires/hudson-armoires-with-wood-base
I've become so accustomed to EG fabrics always looking better in person that this kinda threw me off.
I really liked the dark navy java cloth Baker from the look book.  [[SPOILER]]  Ordered it from Nepenthes NYC, and the fabric looks nothing like the picture. The pattern is basically impossible to discern. It looks pretty much like a dark navy fabric. I can't imagine how it is even possibly the same fabric from the look book. Just a heads-up, if anybody was considering the jacket.
 It was ... and then it wasn't. District Court issued permanent injunction against the law in 2011, finding it unconstitutional and a violation of Section 2 of the VRA. 7th Circuit stayed the injunction in September 2014, so the law could be implemented for the November 2014 election. The Supreme Court overruled the stay in October 2014, so the law was not implemented for the November 2014 election. This was not a ruling on the law. Rather, it was meant to prevent...
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