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That looks really nice. Thanks for sharing. What's the fabric?
If you just search and replace "interior decorator" with "stylist" and "architect" with "Mario Rubinacci," you can enjoy this lovely discussion all over again in the Gennaro Paone thread.
Minnis Fresco and Flannel are popular around here. I like and frequently wear both.
Several of those outfits could benefit from pattern scale diversity. In particular, the jacket, tie, and shirt from the first picture all have fairly small scale patterns with thin lines.
 Two good ideas. The color of the current shirt doesn't bother me, but I think the proportions are a little off untucked. It's just a bit long. I also like the idea of an untucked tee, as long as it's a little shorter. I think it's really great that you've got both pieces and have the balls to put them together. Together or separate, you've got a lot of great options.
 I can't comment on the coastal south part, but I live in a hot and humid area (D.C.) and have hydrangeas. They are doable, but I think you have to be really, really particular about the location. Our hydrangeas are located in a pretty similar type of spot (full sun early, giving way to partial shade and then full shade as the day progresses). They have gotten fried since we put them in, and I really regret not being more firm about my disinterest in them. We have another...
 I am careful. My wife is another story. Picking battles.
Does your current place have or did your prior places have marble countertops? Some real experience with them could impact your choice.I love the way our marble countertops look, but there's no way I'm having them in our next place. I just can't deal with the fastidiousness required to keep up the appearance that I want for them. YMMV. I like the idea of marble anywhere but the countertops.
 Our cat has done way more damage than our kid. Don't let the avatar fool you. She's evil.
 These people also have large houses where the playroom is not in the same room as the art. I think the size of Foo's place is relevant. The living room likely will double as the playroom.
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