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I was gonna say flannel POW as well. I just ordered one with Fox flannel. They have a few nice options.
Your question is impossible to answer. Well, it can be answered, but that answer is likely a very large range. Rug dealers will sell a rug for as much as the buyer is willing to pay. That amount will vary by countless factors, as meaningful as the savvyness of the buyer and as seemingly meaningless as the time of day. The same rug may cost a buyer in a Moroccan souk one price, a buyer in a London shop another, and a buyer over the internet another. Prices for something...
Of course, which is why I said, "I have no idea about judging the quality of wool that the Beni Ourain use vs. the wool Pottery Barn uses."I was only addressing the handful of designators that you specifically mentioned: "a 100% wool, handwoven, completely undyed rug about 6x9 feet in dimensions for that price." I think the only thing I could not confirm is the undyed wool. It may or not be. The web site doesn't indicate.If you want to add "comparable quality wool" to your...
This comes pretty darn close:www.potterybarn.com/products/beni-ourain-rug/ (BONUS! Pics in the link contain ConTrad interiors.)"Handwoven of 100% New Zealand wool." That takes care of 100% wool and handwoven. It's even got the artisanal imperfection that StyleForumites love: "Beautifully hand made, each rug varies in size due to its unique craftsmanship." I have no idea about judging the quality of wool that the Beni Ourain use vs. the wool Pottery Barn uses.Undyed? I...
It doesn't really make sense to have someone put a Topy on them, because Rancourt will just make your shoes with one of their rubber soles. They have numerous options for rubber soles, which you should look at and figure out which would be best for your needs. Maybe something like their tempest sole:The fact that Rancourt will make your shoe to specification is one of their great attributes and would be much more desirable than an aftermarket Topy from a cobbler.The lactae...
You can do all kinds of customization with Rancourt for a modest upcharge. This should let you choose the exact type of sole, leather, etc. Rancourt has a number of options for rubber soles and light colored brown leather. If there were any other tweaks to the shoe, like stitching details, that you want, Rancourt accommodates those pretty easily. You should check out the Rancourt thread over in Streetwear for a lot better info. In my experience, Rancourt is easy to work with.
How is the quality of their fabric? People seem to be posting more of it recently in this thread.
If I'm not mistaken, you are referring to Huddersfield Cloth. Alsport is from Huddersfield Fine Worsted. It goes for about £80 per meter.
Surely someone played "So Alive" at a party in college. Brown must have had plenty of aspiring hipsters around the turn of the century who listened to that stuff.
You could take it to a cobbler to stretch. I'm not sure it will necessarily work, as I'm not sure exactly where the tightness is or what the capabilities of stretching are. I've had success with stretching over the vamp.
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