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More info about the seller:http://www.beyondmarrakech.blogspot.com/p/about-me.htmlThe woman runs a guest house and sells Moroccan goods on the side, or so it seems. If you poke around, the address and phone number of her guest house, from where I presume she runs her good selling business, are there.
Eh. That's just a generic web site template. The contact information and information about the dealer can pretty easily be found on the site.
Yes, it looks pretty similar. I didn't say the design of your rug never occurred in the past. I said it was pretty uncommon to see that particular design so symmetrical and without other symbols. That appears to be one of the less common examples. For every rug like that, you will probably find 50 that are asymmetrical and/or with other symbols.I've said several times that I think you got a reasonable deal, that I like your rug, and that I prefer it to the other more...
This is a close-up of the border of the rug you just posted:This is a close-up of the border of the one you purchased:The first picture does not have a distinct border. The rug simply extends to the edges, which are defined by different colored wool. There is not change in the weaving or the construction, just changes in color.Your rug is constructed differently. The rug doesn't just extend to the edge and have different color wool. The rug stops, and a defined border is...
Your rug has a very distinct border, i.e. it appears considerably more "defined" from the rest of the rug.
I actually don't think that's a fair comparator. The dealer who sold foo his rug has a more reputable appearing set-up than an etsy shop. That's not to say the etsy dude's rugs are more or less authentic or that the other dealer actually is reputable, but the other dealer at least has a better claim to being reputable. He's also got better pictures and nicer looking goods, in general. Those things all help make his prices justifiably higher than the etsy dude's prices.
oops, double post.
You originally asked, "how would you value it?" I'd value it a few ways. First, its "value," as in how much can you sell it for, is most likely no more than $500, and probably a bit less. Nobody is going to pay you what you paid for it. That's not a knock on you or your rug. It's that you're not a Moroccan rug dealer and won't be able to convince someone that it's authentic. For all they know, you have a used version of the $600 Pottery Barn rug. There's not exactly a big...
It's my understanding that traditional/vintage Beni Ourain rugs generally do not have borders and almost always have imprecise, asymmetric, abstract patterns. Your pictures show a border that looks contemporary. On most vintage Beni Ourain rugs, if there is a border, it is usually not very clean and exact, like yours is. Your rug also has almost perfectly symmetrical patterns, which would be unusual for an authentic vintage Beni Ourain. It also lacks some of the additional...
I was gonna say flannel POW as well. I just ordered one with Fox flannel. They have a few nice options.
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