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If I'm not mistaken, you are referring to Huddersfield Cloth. Alsport is from Huddersfield Fine Worsted. It goes for about £80 per meter.
Surely someone played "So Alive" at a party in college. Brown must have had plenty of aspiring hipsters around the turn of the century who listened to that stuff.
You could take it to a cobbler to stretch. I'm not sure it will necessarily work, as I'm not sure exactly where the tightness is or what the capabilities of stretching are. I've had success with stretching over the vamp.
Is the Risom table in place of the Aalto stool? Or is it meant for a different place? Or are you just posting a picture of an item you like? I still like the Aalto stool as a multi-purpose (seating and table) piece. You could even stack two of them for the price of the Risom.
I like it, but it seems a bit different from your tastes. Too classically wooden, mid-century Danish. I thought you didn't like that stuff? Maybe you meant you didn't like an entire room of it, which I understand.
I really wanted to say you're crazy for wanting a box for your remote. However, a remote box actually would solve my two main remote-related problems. I will always know where the remote is, and the box keeps it hidden from my son, who prefers it to any other toy we buy him. I think you've inspired me.
Not that a 59 isn't insanely impressive for a kid, but Pinehurst has a couple of particularly easy/short courses. When I was in junior high, I went to golf camp at Pinehurst (this is sounding like an "I am not Trayvon Martin"), and we would play these courses. I broke 80 for the first time on the exact course that the kid shot 59. It's probably around 6,000 from the tips and is a par 70, if I'm remembering correctly.
I own one piece from Mash and am happy with the quality. I'm not a fan of the dining set, though. It's like matching your tie and pocket square. Find a table and chairs that work with each other, but don't necessarily match.
1933 interests me the most, but I could maybe be convinced into 1937 or 1938. I'd want 3.5 meters.
Perhaps it is just living in a warmer/muggier climate that shades my perspective. I consider those cloths in the 10 oz., give or take, range to be relatively year round, with exceptions for the height of summer and winter. Although, with partial lining, they become a little more cool wearing. I think of lightweight as the tropical cloths, in that 7-8 oz. range.
New Posts  All Forums: