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I bought a reasonably priced Ole Wanscher chair on ebay. It's similar looking to the ones you posted. It came with the original cushions, which sellers often think make the chair less desirable and keeps the price lower than maybe it should be. The solution is to have new cushions made. I found a decent local upholster and used some Maharam Divina by Kvadrat fabric that I found from this place:http://www.modern-fabrics.com/It's a good source for fabrics, if you wind up...
Actually, most of Drakes pocket squares are made in Italy. They have a few types. The ones for which they are most well known are made in Italy. Those are the ones with all of the interesting patterns and designs. The fall/winter ones are 70% wool and 30% silk, and the spring/summer are 100% cotton. All made in Italy. They sell some 100% silk ones, which are made in England. They also sell some cotton and linen ones that are almost certainly made by Simmonot-Godard.Paul...
Sounds cool. I'm curious to see what it looks like, if you ever feel like sharing a picture.
^ That looks awful.
I can't speak for him, but that's not at all what he was saying. It's a narrative that people are trying to force upon him.
And this is all largely irrelevant. Foo's joke/point was that he critiqued my table without even seeing it. My table could be hideous and constructed so poorly that it's impossible to rest a cup of coffee on it without spilling. The story or uniqueness behind my table may be interesting to a few people, but what's more relevant is how well is it crafted and how does the piece look and function in the space.
No, I do. My description was tongue-in-cheek, like your response. I know what my table is, and I understand the nature of your response. This whole schtick is just not particularly clever.
It's a wood table with metal legs. It's pretty inoffensive.
I have a coffee table that fits this, I think. The top is made from wood from an old barn in Pennsylvania, and the legs are recycled steel tubes. I don't know the provenance of the steel. Liberals like repurposing stuff, right? My wife and I found a young furniture maker in Lynchburg, Va. He had recently quit his "boring corporate life" (his words) to restore a 19th century church and pursue his passion of making furniture from reclaimed wood and metal. Living in a shitty...
New Posts  All Forums: