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 In the early-aughts, I was a low level employee at a government agency that was investigating a major corporation for financial crimes. My job was to assist with gathering computer forensic evidence on the hard drives of the executives. The drives had been scrubbed, but we could still get a lot of stuff. Much of it was porn. It always astounded me how much porn these guys looked at on their company computers. I suppose this was in the days when there was just one family...
I made a bad joke about rnoldh not knowing what an exit poll was. And then I actually read the post and realized he was making a joke. So, I just looked like a dumbass for not getting the joke.How's that?
Did you find a picture of the dining table your wife (then girlfriend) used for your birthday dinner in college? Cute.
Fair enough. I read it as code for "something cheaper."
While it's a nice selection of metal chairs, he asked for a reasonably priced alternative to the Navy chair. Those chairs are all in the same price range or more expensive.
One aspect of fabric that this thread can fail to appreciate (myself included) is how well it makes up for a tailor. Us cloth nerds often just don't know how a cloth tailors. A lot to learn here. A lot of fun discussions to be had. But trust your professional tailor who really knows his cloth better than us internet "experts." We often get enamored for the wrong reasons.
I agree that it's reasonable to consider whether it's the Navy style, which can be had in plastic for half the cost, or the metal itself that is what is appealing. I think the Navy chair loses some appeal in plastic, so I'd personally prefer Tolix in metal vs. Navy in plastic. I also just don't like sitting in those Navy chairs. They just feel very small to me. I prefer a more substantial seat.
One benefit of the practice round vs. the tournament is ease of walking the course. With the tournament, there's more reason to stay in one place.
I was raised in Augusta and have been many times. A lot of the experience is being there for the actual tournament. Watching the scoreboards, listening to the roars, being part of the competition, etc. However, if you are a true golf fan, there is still plenty to enjoy about being at the course during the practice rounds. It's very cool to walk the grounds and experience the holes in person. It's such a unique sports experience, seeing the, relative, lack of sponsors, the...
New Posts  All Forums: