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Not sure. Not in London, but Yoox has had a decent Caruso selection in the past. There are some brands on there that have suits made by Caruso. It's been a number of years, but Adriano and Sons was one brand I remember that carried house brand stuff made by Caruso. There used to be a lot more discussion about Caruso on this forum. If you search around, you may find some info about brands that use Caruso.
Trunk Clothiers.
 I've struggled a lot with getting accurate measurements from web sites, and I haven't had the best success calling shops for additional sizing questions either. After a lot of effort, I've realized that the Nepenthes online store provides the most accurate and comprehensive measurements. I basically ignore everything else and just go there now.
A few options for sectionals at Room and Board should fit your criteria.
 This chick always seems to do EG really well:http://stephanie-hoff.tumblr.com/ As for the 19th Century BDs as business casual shirts, I agree that they can be tricky. While there aren't as many interesting fabrics as EG and the selection is very limited, Orslow has been a great alternative to EG for me for BDs. They incorporate pretty easily into my work wardrobe and work well with my EG stuff for more casual wear.
 It's kind of amazing how many times this needs repeating around here.
 I have had orders from Norse Store and theNextdoor. Each were just under $300 and sent by FedEx. No fees on either. I can't explain it. I was anticipating charges.
 It's supposed to look too wide. I love the look of it on that guy too. I tried it on, and I looked ridiculous. It's just not the easiest piece to pull off. I don't think it looks bad on you. However, if you aren't feeling the look, then I wouldn't force it.
At the least, take a few extra seconds and crop it. Even if it's just for fit advice, you are likely to get more responses if you put a little more effort into it.     Parka looks fine. It's supposed to fit like that. If you don't care for that type of fit, then return it. It's not to everybody's taste. I wouldn't mess with it too much with alterations.
 Yep. I have no issues with the idea of RTW. My genetics do.
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