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Will do. I'm out of town now, but I will take a picture when I'm back in a few days.
I have a suit in this:http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/145/flannel/fox-flannel-classic-grey-glen-checkI like it. Different from Minnis flannel, though. Softer and feels less sturdy. But the Minnis flannel is fairly tough. The pattern reads as solid when not up close, which makes it a little more sedate than the Prince of Wales flannel they also offer.
 Just trying it on and not having worn it for extended periods of time, the material didn't feel too thick, but it definitely seemed to wear warmer than I expected. The color is pretty true in those pictures. It may be a touch darker in real life.
 Yeah, like something on every single product page under the "Shipping" tab that says something like, "All shipments to United States are Delivery Duty Unpaid." That would help. Or, in case someone missed that, maybe something like a really clear statement about the policy on the page that provides delivery information specifically for U.S. customers?http://www.endclothing.com/us/delivery Or, to be totally safe, possibly something like a specific topic on the site's FAQ...
Nothing wrong with basic. Basic just requires a little extra attention to the details to elevate the outfit. Couldn't hurt to experiment with some different types of pants. Maybe fatigues with a looser fit? I actually gravitate more towards your style than some of the more bold EG looks, so I appreciated seeing your fit. I've even been waffling over some ripple sole shoes, and you may have sold me on them.
 Overall, it's a solid basic fit. With a hem of that width, I'd suggest different pants with more length or pinrolling that pair for some taper, if you prefer the cropped look. The current look of the hem feels a little neither here nor there.
 In the early-aughts, I was a low level employee at a government agency that was investigating a major corporation for financial crimes. My job was to assist with gathering computer forensic evidence on the hard drives of the executives. The drives had been scrubbed, but we could still get a lot of stuff. Much of it was porn. It always astounded me how much porn these guys looked at on their company computers. I suppose this was in the days when there was just one family...
I made a bad joke about rnoldh not knowing what an exit poll was. And then I actually read the post and realized he was making a joke. So, I just looked like a dumbass for not getting the joke.How's that?
Did you find a picture of the dining table your wife (then girlfriend) used for your birthday dinner in college? Cute.
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