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Dude?!? Don't you realize saying "PG County" instead of Prince George's County is completely offensive?http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/06/AR2006050601260.html Trigger warning that shit next time.
 It's the same material as the Baker jacket, right? I passed on the Baker, because I thought the wool was way too warm. I didn't think I could wear it as anything other than outerwear, which didn't seem right for a Baker.
I used to love finding stupid political crap that my friends posted on Facebook. I would copy it to an email and send it around to a few other friends, mocking whoever posted it. One day I had some weird slip where I accidentally included the person that I was making fun of on the email. Just some weird subconscious thing. It was bad. I was mocking her appearance and everything. Lost my friend over it.   After that, I had to stop myself from looking at stupid political...
What does it say about people who not only consistently waste a considerable amount of time reading idiotic shit on Facebok, but also spend even further time by going to a men's clothing forum to talk about it instead of putting that shit on ignore?
 Blaming the media for shootings is like the conservative equivalent of liberals blaming guns for mass shootings. That's not to say that the media doesn't have some responsibility and that the ease of obtaining guns by whackos doesn't play a factor. However, it's such a complex problem, and the need for each side of the political divide to assign blame so simply only makes the problem worse by not allowing us to really try to develop some real solutions. Politicians, the...
 Just got an email for 20% off internet and phone orders through 12/2. Code is FDRL20.
Not that I am aware of. I bought a shirt in store on Friday at full price.
Not sure, but my issue with the moleskin Bedford was more about the shoulders and waist being a bit snug.
Federal Store in DC had one as of yesterday.
 I just tried on the moleskin, and it fit a tad tighter than the 6.5 oz. flat twill from SS15. I'm often between a small and medium, and I was fine with the small for SS15. I didn't think the small in the FW15 moleskin would work, especially if i wanted to layer. Maybe the moleskin stretches a bit. Sizing is funny, though. I've got the FW15 grey tweed, and it fits considerably looser.  edit: That seems to be the opposite advice of kunk. It could be a fabric thing.
New Posts  All Forums: