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One benefit of the practice round vs. the tournament is ease of walking the course. With the tournament, there's more reason to stay in one place.
I was raised in Augusta and have been many times. A lot of the experience is being there for the actual tournament. Watching the scoreboards, listening to the roars, being part of the competition, etc. However, if you are a true golf fan, there is still plenty to enjoy about being at the course during the practice rounds. It's very cool to walk the grounds and experience the holes in person. It's such a unique sports experience, seeing the, relative, lack of sponsors, the...
Great! Thanks for the update.
 Any update on whether there was enough interest to warrant a trip?
 Forget all of the exercise advice and stop drinking those things.
 The Tolix Marais chair is another metal chair that can be used in a similar manner with a wooden farm table. It's about half the price of a the Navy chair.
 Another vulgar point? Or actually eating food whilst sitting on the floor?
Substitute the Eames for whatever other chair.
Is this the idea with a sectional? You've got a variety of seating arrangements. If people are sitting on the sectional part, they have a view out the window. I also don't love the Eames Lounge Chair in this setting, but the swivel base does allow you to face the fireplace, the couch, or out the window.   Depending on the size of the room and the space available, you also could add some additional mobile seating to the left of the sofa. Something like low stools that...
 I would definitely prefer the look with longer sleeves on that guy. His sleeve length actually bothers me more than the tightness of the jacket, but that's a personal preference. I was really just commenting on the tight vs. loose styling of a Bedford. If you're going to go with a tighter Bedford, then I think it's better to keep it unbuttoned. Beyond the ability to hem Bedford sleeves very easily, I also think you also can get away with longer sleeves on a Bedford more...
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