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Pay your ticket and move on. You probably won't win and will cause yourself a lot of angst. Your time should be more valuable than whatever the cost of the tickets will be. Tickets are just inevitable and should be considered part of the cost of owning a car in a city. Sucks, but it's the truth.
There are some benefits to my tailor sourcing fabric instead of me. First, he has a familiarity with the fabrics he stocks. He can provide advice on how those fabrics will wear and tailor. He can make certain assurances to me because of this. If I provide my own cloth, he can't provide those same assurances. It's his product, so I understand if he wants to control the materials that go into it. I think a better analogy is you don't bring your own steak to a restaurant to...
I have that exact boot. The suede is extremely rich in color and texture.   As Unionmade warns, they fit quite large, and there also seems to be a pretty decent sizing gap between each half size. If it helps, I wear a 7.5 in the Alden Barrie last. I was swimming in a 7 in these, but I could barely get on the 6. The 6.5 works with thick socks and probably fits a touch bigger than the Barrie in 7.5.
Whenever I return home (Georgia) and attend some event that doesn't require a suit, invariably, half the men are wearing a camel hair sport coat. It's the I-own-more-than-a-blue-blazer-but-don't-own-any-other-sport-coat sport coat of the American South.
I remember vox posting this picture, which seems to be the look:     It seems like it would be really tricky to pull-off this look successfully.
 As someone who has had to shorten lots of sleeves, I can confirm that there are often ways of doing so without going from the shoulder. I can't really see the bottom of the sleeve from the picture, but it looks like a tailor could remove the flap and button, shorten the sleeve, and replace the flap and button higher up the arm.
Something like this? http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_30&products_id=1807 Cappelli has a few colors available.
 I have 100% cashmere overcoat made by Borrelli. I don't know the provenance of the fabric, but I'm guessing it's pretty good quality. I've had it about 7 or 8 years and wear it maybe once or twice a week during the winter. We don't get particularly bad weather in D.C. winters, so the jacket doesn't take that much abuse from the elements. However, I also don't baby it. It gets tossed around, slung over chairs, sat on in public transportation, etc. There's no noticeable...
   Just wanted to make sure that @Cantabrigian didn't miss the latest addition for the tagline.
 Did Foo's Hermes harrumph save that hole from being in a $5k wallet?
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