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 It's a double sole that tapers into a single sole at the waist.
F last could work. I like the P2/New Peter as well. I don't have too much familiarity with Vass chukkas, so not sure if a particular last works better. I just find the U a little too aggressive for my tastes. HAF sole also seems like a good choice.
From the NMWA thread:I'm interested in a chukka with this suede. Open to most lasts other than U. No particular preference on soles.
 That's actually not the 0520. I have a suit in 0520 that GY made. I'm sure I've posted pictures of it on this site somewhere. Edit. Here it is, with the same poor angle: 
 That is a good description. Gordon is a good person to work with. He strikes a good balance of listening to the customer and providing his own insight. He's also been very good about correcting any issues. In my opinion, he's easier to work with than the folks from Chan.   That is a picture of me. I'm short and stocky, so pants never really look that elegant on me. Pants just look better on guys with long legs who don't have thick thighs. I'm a poor model for GY's...
At something like $5,000 per meter, I'm guessing no. We grumble at LL prices here.
 What's the fabric number for this? Is it on their web site?
My wife and I did the whole chef-trained-at-a-fancy-place-running-a-small-reasonably-priced-neighborhood-place thing (Frenchie, Le Comptoir, etc.) when we visited about two years ago. While I didn't have any mind blowing or super memorable meals, I ate very well and thought the restaurants we went to were very good. It was a really enjoyable way for us travel. It was winter. She was very pregnant. The idea of dressing up and sitting for hours at fancy restaurants was not...
Mr. Portnoy's return is one of the best things to happen to the forum in a while. Thanks for sharing so much recently. The full length shot is really nice too. Those pants look like they fit perfectly. Another Despos?   Just trade in a pair of shoes or two for a phone with a better camera, and I'll be fully content.
This in grey: http://www.roomandboard.com/rnb/product/detail.do?productGroup=6003&catalog=room&category=rm_rugs&subcategory=fl_rugs_wool   It's more mottled in real life.
New Posts  All Forums: