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Drapers Estate In Seta E Lino has a number of brightly patterned silk, wool, and linen blend jacketings, if you're looking for something similar.
Looks good. I'm deciding between that and 28433. Does 28425 have a herringbone pattern? It looks like it does, while 28433 does not.One last question. Does Mirage work well unlined?Thanks.
Does anybody have a jacket made with Harrisons Mirage? Is this a fabric that lends itself to patch pockets?
 Yes. From Scotland Shop.
Looking at a few samples from Lovat:  Click for close-ups: [[SPOILER]]
 That makes perfect sense. I appreciate it.
  Any possibility of getting the Canvas Weekend Bag? It appeals to me a little more than the travel bag. 
 I think I also would prefer the P2 over the F for a chukka.
 My most interest is in this one.
 I can't speak for him, but, for me, it's too chiseled for my personal preference, not compared to other chiseled lasts. It's my personal taste to like a more rounded toe. In particular to this conversation, I think chukkas look better with rounded lasts, but, again, that is just a personal preference. As far as chiseled lasts go, I think the U last is nice. I prefer the U last chukkas I've seen compared to the C&J Tetbury on the 348, which I owned and got rid of.
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