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The pictures posted earlier in this thread show the Extra Strap in six different fabrics.
Switched from a French door with water/ice dispenser to a single door without a water/ice dispenser. I thought I would really miss the water/ice dispenser, but it took two days for me to stop caring. I also definitely prefer the more streamlined look and the layout of the single door. I'm now in the French door is overrated camp. I also like having a shallower fridge, as I would forget about about stuff that would get shoved in the back behind other things.
Definitely. The stacked wood was a little too precious. I do like the chair, though.
Yes, it is a cool chair. In fact, I found that other pic when looking up info on it because of your post. Your taste has now been validated by an internet stranger!
Or a foot.
Thanks! That's a good recommendation.
LCW fits the profile. I already have a few classic mid-century pieces, so I'm wary of overdoing it. Been looking at this chair by Naoto Fukasawa. It has arms, which I was trying to avoid, but I otherwise like it. Feels like the Japanese version of something from Hans Wegner.
The PK22 pretty much meets what I'm seeking aside from price. The Wegner Airport Chair is similar, not quite as sleek a profile. Closer to budget too.
Looking for recommendations for a low-profile, small footprint, preferably armless lounge chair. Modern or contemporary design, but nothing too funky. Under $2K. My preferences trend towards contemporary Scandanvian companies, like Hay. Been considering the Muuto Visu lounge chair, if that helps. Seeking ideas for something a little more interesting. Needs to be on the smaller side. No big lounge chairs.
 What part? Charlotte? Raleigh-Durham? Asheville/mountains? My parents just built a place near Asheville and interviewed a few builders, and I have a close friend that did a big renovation of a nice place in Charlotte.
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