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I think the popular choice around here is Fresco. That fits your description pretty well.
Passé or not, I think we all got the meaning.
Ask him to return (for now he pays) and say you'll refund everything, including return shipping, if it is, in fact, your mistake. When you get the item back, verify if you screwed up. If you did, give him all his money back, because you screwed up. If he's lying, refund the $25, and he's out the shipping, and you got your shirt back.
Rumors are Will Mackenzie's and Jimmy Walker's.
 Good advice. It does look Italian. On this forum, there's a very strong preference for English fabrics and an often mistaken belief that Italian fabrics are inferior. Edmorel is one of the few voices that speaks up for the Italian fabrics. I recognize that they aren't for everybody, but they shouldn't be dismissed so easily either.
I'm in the same boat. Still interested, but would like to see a swatch. Thanks for the organization on this.
 I would not recommend it. Fabric choice aside, supplying your own fabric can create additional complications for your tailor, and the likelihood of those complications occurring increases with your first commission. I've repeated this numerous times throughout this thread, but supplying your own fabric that a tailor can otherwise obtain on his own is just not a great idea. The savings are usually very minimal, and if there is a problem, the onus is on the client, not the...
I think there's a Harrisons Mirage fabric that fits this description relatively well.
Quote: [Ambrosi] but it because dwarf with oval head gained 5 cm ....[/Ambrosi]
 Drapers is a distributor, not a manufacturer. They do have a book called Blazon. The fabric in that book is made by Vitale Barberis Canonico, and it is Super 140s. I don't believe that it is a particularly vintage book, but I may be wrong. I don't have any specific experience with it, but Drapers stuff is generally pretty good. Some people seem to think less of VBC stuff, but they make some pretty good fabric for Drapers.
New Posts  All Forums: