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I'm in.
 When wearing EG, you should not feel the need to apply classic menswear rules, like showing a little shirt cuff under your jacket. 3/4 of an inch doesn't sound unusually long so that the sleeves would look funny. I would recommend just wearing the coat for a little bit and seeing if you are comfortable with the length. EG is meant to be casual, not tailored to a fraction of an inch. Also, you may find with some addtional wear that the fabric wrinkles enough that it will...
 Games between 2009-2014 when scoring 8+ runs: 135-2Last 3 games when scoring 8+ runs: 0-3
I'm interested in the diamond pique Baker jacket. There also are fatigue pants in the same fabric. Any thoughts on how this would work as a suit? Are the fatigue pants too casual to make it work?
I've heard of this place. http://recobklyn.com/slab-furniture.html   I have no experience with this company, but my wife and I have worked with a young, self-taught, and relatively inexperienced furniture maker, like the guys from this company. You're taking a bit of a leap of faith, and we understood that we were not getting the same quality that comes from high-end manufacturers. However, we really enjoyed the process and continue to enjoy the pieces we got. I...
That's too bad. He is a real craftsman. It was a very small operation, so I'm guessing there was just a limit to what he could or wanted to handle. I think he stopped working entirely a few months ago, so I'll have to find someone new. I wish I had more stuff made for the few years I went to him.
My now retired shirt maker (the criminally under-appreciated on this forum Freddy Vandecasteele) actually had some interesting options in his studio about six months ago. I got an indigo denimish shirt that had these unique fading patterns on the fabric from having sat folded and untouched on his shelf for years. Freddy is known for western style shirts, so I thought I'd try one of those before he stopped working. It was a great call, and I love that shirt. He also had...
I've been interested in similar fabrics for some time, and they are really hard to find. Part of what makes some of those companies so great is their ability to source or create these fabrics. Once I discovered OrSlow, I just gave up and started buying them off the rack. I love their fabrics. The fit and styling of their buttondowns are good enough for me. Those type of shirts are meant to be less fussy anyways, so I can live with less than my ideal.
That looks really nice. Thanks for sharing. What's the fabric?
If you just search and replace "interior decorator" with "stylist" and "architect" with "Mario Rubinacci," you can enjoy this lovely discussion all over again in the Gennaro Paone thread.
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