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I'm looking for recommendations for restaurants in Hong Kong that serve local food that would be reasonable for a solo diner. Noodle houses, dumpling places, restaurants known for their crispy pig or duck. Stuff like that would be great. Any price range.
Same here.
 Just get the pants too and join the other 343 StyFo members.
Drapers Estate In Seta E Lino has a number of brightly patterned silk, wool, and linen blend jacketings, if you're looking for something similar.
Looks good. I'm deciding between that and 28433. Does 28425 have a herringbone pattern? It looks like it does, while 28433 does not.One last question. Does Mirage work well unlined?Thanks.
Does anybody have a jacket made with Harrisons Mirage? Is this a fabric that lends itself to patch pockets?
 Yes. From Scotland Shop.
Looking at a few samples from Lovat:  Click for close-ups: [[SPOILER]]
 That makes perfect sense. I appreciate it.
  Any possibility of getting the Canvas Weekend Bag? It appeals to me a little more than the travel bag. 
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