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+1 on Mohawk. Had a great shopping experience there. Nicely edited selection. Good guys to chat with. Picked up some orSlow stuff that works really with EG.
As a one person sample size, I wear patch pockets most of the time, pocket squares about half the time, and knit ties once or twice per week. I don't get too many comments on my clothes, but nobody has ever mentioned the pockets on my coats. Not once. It's rare that anybody comments on my pocket squares, but it happens from time to time. However, people seem to notice a knit tie.
I've gotten my best stuff from him in the past year. Not sure if we're just more dialed in now, but I've had no complaints with recent stuff.
 I've had many interactions with Gordon Yao over the past several years, and I have had the exact opposite experience with him. He's been fantastic to work with and definitely takes pride in his products. He's gone above and beyond numerous times for me.
I'd like to see the jacket with a more spring outfit before passing judgment. Maybe unbuttoned over a tshirt with light, faded denim. It's a spring jacket, so it can be tough to judge when paired with darker fall/winter gear. I'm thinking of an outfit not dissimilar to this (albeit with more color), which I thought was great:
This also hits at this thread's running discussion about the value, or lack thereof, of sourcing your own fabric. I use my tailor to give insight about swatches. He knows the stuff. He can provide advice about how a swatch will translate to a full garment. That's not to say I can't make my own decision about a swatch, but it's another factor for why supplying your own fabric can cause problems.
It's dependent on a number of factors, including the distance from the bottom of the coat to the bottom of the pocket and the placement of the buttons. Usually, shortening will mess-up the proportions, and it's not a cheap alteration to have less than ideal results. However, it's your coat and your impressions. What may bother others may not bother you.
 My only other EG outerwear piece is probably 5+ years old, so I don't really have much of a frame of reference. However, the liner jacket is pretty roomy. I'm a small in most stuff that isn't slim fit and a medium in stuff that is more trim. I have a small in the liner, and it still is pretty roomy. I'd err on the side of the smaller size. As an aside, the jacket's cuffs are pretty snug. I fold back the cuffs on a lot of my sweaters, and the liner jacket is basically...
Yorkshirefabric on ebay.co.uk has for sale a number of 100% cashmere fabrics made for Kiton. They're not particularly appealing to me, but they're affordable, as far as that type of stuff goes.
Pay your ticket and move on. You probably won't win and will cause yourself a lot of angst. Your time should be more valuable than whatever the cost of the tickets will be. Tickets are just inevitable and should be considered part of the cost of owning a car in a city. Sucks, but it's the truth.
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