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I've become so accustomed to EG fabrics always looking better in person that this kinda threw me off.
I really liked the dark navy java cloth Baker from the look book.  [[SPOILER]]  Ordered it from Nepenthes NYC, and the fabric looks nothing like the picture. The pattern is basically impossible to discern. It looks pretty much like a dark navy fabric. I can't imagine how it is even possibly the same fabric from the look book. Just a heads-up, if anybody was considering the jacket.
 It was ... and then it wasn't. District Court issued permanent injunction against the law in 2011, finding it unconstitutional and a violation of Section 2 of the VRA. 7th Circuit stayed the injunction in September 2014, so the law could be implemented for the November 2014 election. The Supreme Court overruled the stay in October 2014, so the law was not implemented for the November 2014 election. This was not a ruling on the law. Rather, it was meant to prevent...
I usually find EG jackets (Bedford, Andover, and Baker) to be a touch on the snug side for me in small. The olive ripstop was just about perfect for me in small, so it is probably a smidge looser than the average fitting EG jacket.
 I have a suit in the Steadfast 1561. It is a pretty heavy fabric. I had mine partially lined to extend the wearability to warmer weather. It helps a bit. It really is a personal preference. Do you run hot? Are you mostly inside with air conditioning?
One of my best friends in high school had a backwards clock in his house. I was past curfew more than once, because I couldn't figure out the time. So, if you're a high school kid worried about missing curfew and looking for advice on whether to buy this watch, you are forewarned.
Quote: I'll save myself the trouble of writing the same thing again:   
 No, I'm not forgetting. I actually lived about an hour from Columbia, SC for most of the 80s. I'm pretty familiar with the politics. SC had a Republican governor at that time in the 80s. As I already mentioned, these were not just Democrat-initiated laws. The Massachusetts law was initiated by a Republican governor. Hell, Ronald Reagan had a furlough law on the books during his governorship, and that law also was initiated by one of his Republican predecessors. Anyway you...
 Except your original post was an attempt to paint this as a problem of the left. Ignoring your goal post moving, my only point remains that these furlough programs were championed by the left and the right. Everybody gets some blame. I don't really care how you want to parse out that blame. Maybe Massachusetts was as extreme as the liberal bastion of South Carolina, which also furloughed prisoners with life sentences and no parole.
 Are we really debating late-80s politics? I guess so. Texas furloughed 517 people convicted of murder or voluntary manslaughter between January 1987 and October 1988, when the newspaper article below was published. And that includes people furloughed after the Willie Horton incident in April 1987. So, yeah, other states, like Texas, actually were doing it. This is no defense of the program. It's just silly to think that this was some crazy lefty thing. On the other hand,...
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