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Some nice deals here as well...|||||||||||||||
I need to rent a tux for a last minute event on thursday. Anyone know a good quality rental company in NY? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor It's a Mossimo shirt - an Australian designer. . \t\t
thanks for the tips...ill definitely be wearing them to the racetrack this summer with some seersucker....well see if i can pull them off some evening out on the town. B EDIT: worst part was, the guy at the yard sale told me he sold an armload of shoes to someone just ten minutes before i got thinking he got some good stuff.
I thought i posted this yesterday...maybe i didn't hit submit? I donno. I got lucky at a yardsale yesterday and found these unworn Trickers benchmade wingtips, and also a pair of Ferragamo's in a similar style. They are a bit flashy and old school but i couldn't pass them up for $5 for both pairs! to wear them without looking like a total douche? thanks B
shocking i know, notice she is carrying him however...makes perfect sense
been a while since i posted here, but someone posted this pic on another forum and it looked just like conne, had to find out if it could coincidentally be him.
can be found on TPB
Price reduction: RLPL pants now $80
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