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Some nice deals here as well... http://www.ctshirts.com/mens-outerwear/mens-blazers-&-jackets?q=usddefault|||||||||||||||
I need to rent a tux for a last minute event on thursday. Anyone know a good quality rental company in NY? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor It's a Mossimo shirt - an Australian designer. . \t\t
thanks for the tips...ill definitely be wearing them to the racetrack this summer with some seersucker....well see if i can pull them off some evening out on the town. B EDIT: worst part was, the guy at the yard sale told me he sold an armload of shoes to someone just ten minutes before i got there....im thinking he got some good stuff.
I thought i posted this yesterday...maybe i didn't hit submit? I donno. I got lucky at a yardsale yesterday and found these unworn Trickers benchmade wingtips, and also a pair of Ferragamo's in a similar style. They are a bit flashy and old school but i couldn't pass them up for $5 for both pairs! Now...how to wear them without looking like a total douche? thanks B
shocking i know, notice she is carrying him however...makes perfect sense
been a while since i posted here, but someone posted this pic on another forum and it looked just like conne, had to find out if it could coincidentally be him. http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6...t/IMG_4565.jpg
can be found on TPB
Price reduction: RLPL pants now $80
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