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I am not far from you, got 40-something but haven't had the time to catch up on my review posting. No problem reaching the required 50 this year but will not get anywhere near the last 2-3 years high book counts.Like GF, I haven't lacked motivation. It's been work and family and more work.
Clockwise counting 29/50: Sarah Waters - Fingersmith (2002) A Victorian thriller and love story with spectacular entertainment factor and surprise twists. It's about two young female orphans whose life destinies are intertwined, one growing up among thieves and the other in a mansion. Just like the other two Waters novels I have read, this is excellent.
Clockwise counting 28/50: Anthony Quinn - Disappeared (2012) I couldn't believe there are two modern authors named Anthony Quinn and I actually thought I was reading a book written by the Liverpool author Quinn who recently wrote the well received novel Curtain Call. This book is instead a noirish crime novel written by the Northern Irish author of the same name. Pretty good story about how the region's violent (IRA) past comes back to haunt those who thought all the...
Clockwise counting 27/50: Denis Johnson - The Laughing Monsters (2014) Degenerate spies and mercenaries play games of dubious moral or geo-political value in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Congo. I really liked this strange, often beautifully written, tale of deception and twisted love. More Graham Greene than Ian Fleming.
We had similar views about this one. I did however think it was decent as pure entertainment in a light-comedy vein. I have some times in the past noticed that the Booker longlist has some strange inclusions. It's obviously a lot harder to get on the shortlist.
Clockwise counting 26/50: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Americanah (2013) This is a brilliant novel by female Nigerian author Ngozi Adichie. It's partly a love story but mainly, I believe, a story about race perception in the US as opposed to Nigeria. The main character Ifemelu, a young Nigerian woman of upper middle class means who moves to USA to study and work, is the "Americanah" of the title - an African woman who becomes Americanized. Contrary to social expectations,...
Clockwise counting 25/50: Keigo Higashino - Malice (1996) A psychological crime mystery and a quick page-turner. Probably not up to the standard of Higashino's most famous novel, The Devotion of Suspect X but nevertheless good fun. It's a murder case where we very early understand who the killer is, the mystery is in understanding the motive. Unusual and intriguing.
Clockwise counting 24/50: Klas Östergren - Twist (2014) One of Sweden's biggest selling authors, Östergren's writing is stylistically excellent and always entertaining. His stories always have an element of mystery and Twist is no exception. It's a story about love, corruption, shady business and idealism. A good read.
Clockwise counting 23/50: Karl Ove Knausgaard - A Death in the Family (2009) Knausgaard has been a huge phenomenon in Norway and now, I believe, he is starting to get really big all over the Western world. This is the first in a series of autobiographical novels (presumably more memoir than fiction) written in a style of hyper-realism. The suite has the provocative name "My Struggle". It's extremely dull to follow the adolescent Knausgaard, whose daily family life in...
Clockwise counting 22/50: David Nicholls - Us (2014) Well-written bestseller-style romantic comedy about a marriage falling apart due to a huge mismatch of personalities. The wife is sex-and-drugs liberal and liberated, a bit of an intellectual hippie, while the husband, who is the narrator of this long story, is a rather boring and inhibited man. It's pretty good as long as it's not mistaken for great art or even serious literature. Would make an excellent screenplay for...
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