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About that rumour that I have stopped reading and diverted my entertainment focus to alcoholic drinks around lose women and pool tables - this is partly totally unfounded. I have added a few under my belt since last report, just never get around to write those capsule reviews. Have had a tough travel schedule for a couple of weeks and managed to read on planes and in lounges. Will get back to post my reviews any day now. Good to see that the rest of you are keeping up a...
Careful NOBD, you have mistakenly included one English (!!!) player.
It will be a pleasure, or not. I will in any case join and fight hard.
Born in Gothenburg. Cheer for IFK Gothenburg in Sweden. Won the Europa league (previously called UEFA cup) in the early 1980s. Attending several home games each season although it it's painful these days. Picked Derby County as my English team when I was a kid and saw them, newly promoted to the top division, achieve glory in 1972 and 1975. Watching English football on TV every weekend. Cheering for Derby has been a very painful experience for the last few decades. Have...
Congratulation MoK! You must have had ALL the right players in your team. An impressive win.
France deserved that win. I think they may improve further going into a likely thriller vs Germany in the quarterfinal. It's all getting very interesting now.
Agree that Robben did not exhibit sportsmanship.The replays show why it's a penalty. It is contact on Robben's foot while he controls the ball. The referee should not have a discretionary right to avoid calling the penalty, he might however have "missed" the contact in which case he should have yellow carded Robben for a dive. Not easy for the refs in real time without the benefit of replays.
I feel very sorry for Greece. You have a big heart to wish Costa Rica luck after that heartbreak. Is that Miles Davis? If so, you have excellent taste even though your country is not one of the 8 best in world football.
You are 100 % right. I don't like Robben at all (there are a few billion of us around the world) and did not cheer for Holland in the game. Nevertheless, the penalty is not in doubt (despite the dive) so the world just need to accept that a foul in the penalty area will result in a penalty kick, regardless of how much Robben annoys you.And.. I feel very sad for Greece but was cheering for Costa Rica. Now, if they can only create the upset of the century against Holland in...
This is a great competition! Place Player Score1 Lee.Marvin 282 Archibaldleach 273 NOBD 274 romafan 265 Joffrey 236 arced 227 jasperh 08 StephenHero -10
New Posts  All Forums: