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It hasn't been going too well lately, can't afford to not win over Boro tonight! COYR!
Haha. Trees helped us a bit here. Midweek games went well overall and I would be surprised if it doesn't end with Rams and Boro promoted.
I watched this one and I suffered. Very poor defensive from Arsenal and I think Mertesacker in particular made some poor decisions. Also surprising how poor Arsenal were when attacking. Only way to survive is to score 3 in Monaco, not too likely.
Clockwise counting 17/50: Ben Lerner - 10:04 (2014) This is a funny, intellectual, New York art novel. Partly wonderfully written but as a complete work of art ultimately flawed and, considering some of its rave reviews, disappointing. It's an autobiographical post-modern Philip Roth-style novel about a neurotic novelist and his friends, girlfriends and acquaintances. I laughed at some brilliant passages but yawned through most of the book. And the randomly inserted...
Clockwise counting 16/50: Anthony Quinn - Curtain Call (2015) Very nice novel about some interesting characters in London 1936. We follow an elderly homosexual well known theatre critic, his loyal secretary, a successful portrait painter, an escort lady and a stage actress. These people's lives intertwine as a serial killer terrorises the city. The novel reminded me of Sarah Waters historical novels and the characters gave me a Somerset Maughamesque feeling.
Thanks! Hope that's a good omen for 2015/16.
I liked that one too. Barnes is almost always very very good.
Welcome to the thread.2 books in close to 2 months makes the target of 50 look a bit hard. Quality is always good but quantity is mandatory here.
Well then, some like Europa league, some prefer Champions league. Some are for the classes and some are for the masses. In the meantime Derby County goes top in the Championship, Chelsea only gets 1 point from Burnley and Arsenal is temporarily third. Barcelona loses to Costa del Sol. It's been a good Saturday overall. Bring on the next Champions League matches! I will be watching on Tuesday and Wednesday, cheering for the good guys as always.
Yes and in the Premier League you will see Chelsea, ManC, ManU, Arsenal, Liverpool, all playing against each other year after year. And the top teams from around Europe will be play each other in the Champions League. And without money these teams will not be playing at the top.Who cares? Millions of people around the world.
New Posts  All Forums: