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Clockwise counting 121/50: Georges Simenon - The Flemish House (1932) In the border town Givet, Flemish people are living side by side with French people. The Flemish Peeters family is suspected of killing a French woman and the local authorities are close to making an arrest. Commissaire Maigret is asked by one of the daughters in the Peeters family to investigate the case and save the family from a legal injustice. An interesting mystery with a surprise ending. Once...
Clockwise counting 120/50: Hammond Innes - The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1956) The most famous of Innes' adventure novels is about a ship found drifting in a stormy English Channel. It only has the captain on board, all crew have abandoned ship for unknown reasons. An exciting mystery which was made into a movie with Gary Cooper. I liked it!
Clockwise counting 119/50: David Mitchell - The Bone Clocks (2014) A very unusual and most entertaining read, spanning 60 years from London in the 1980s to a post-apocalypse Ireland in year 2043. This is partly science fiction / fantasy with an epic battle between two groups of immortals and partly a wildly entertaining realistic literary satire. It is 600 pages written in excellent language, often with hilarious wise-cracks and astute observations of human weaknesses....
I am doing those in reverse order but should still reach 120 or 121 before the year is over.
Sounds like a good idea. I am working my way through a 600-pager called The Bone Clocks. I should make 120 before the year is over.
Unfortunately, Buxton used his pitchfork for a red card and we promptly went down 1-3. Still, it was a very decent effort this evening. Much much better compared to the Boro game Saturday.
Not too shitty. It's after ail Chelsea we are playing. Great 1-2 goal by Bryson. And the Rams are not giving up.
Yup, I will watch it live on my TV with friends and family. I am a little bit nervous but have a few bottles of Amarone at home if needed. It's my birthday today so I am expecting a surprise present from the Super-Rams.
Clockwise counting 118/50: Jørn Lier Horst - Dregs (2010) Mildly entertaining Norwegian police procedural. Severed left feet keep getting washed up on the shores of a small Norwegian community. Police inspector William Wisting soon connects the feet to some elderly men who had disappeared more than a year earlier. OK as a pure mystery but ultimately quite mediocre as literature.
That game was too depressing, it ruined my Saturday. I had it live on my cable TV. Boro played a lot better...
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