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Not sure if this is on here yet, but just got the link to the suit supply outlet in my email: ACCESS CODE: BETHEFIRST
I have for sale a coat I picked up a while back from the H&M X Margiela collaboration. This coat was never worn. 3 Buttons with a collar. 100% Faux fur. This should fit someone who normally wears an M or L. $99. Buyer pays for shipping. This originally retailed for ~$350:
Both ties are available for $25 + cost of shipping (TBD). Pics are attached. The Polo tie has Paisley with checks and is 100% silk, made in America. The YSL is a square bottom, reversible tie with two different patterns. Red with Navy Stripes or Red with Navy spots. Made in Italy with 100% cotton. Ideally, you'll buy both! Please PM or respond to this post if you are interested.
It was funny but I think the rest of the season will be better.
Loved the 2-3 minute clip of Archers imagination of starting a drug cartel. Action packed. This season will be great.
My advice to bachelors is to have many female prospects so that when one (or more) pulls this crap it wont be a problem. Many people are unreliable, and many women can be more so . A more mature or interested woman wouldn't have acted in that way.
Loved the fight with Eli and Knox, so intense! Misfortune strikes Chalky, Gillian, Daughter and possibly Narcisse? They all ended up in total opposite places than the way we normally see their characters. Maybe an interesting perspective, as Gillian says, "Why can men do whatever they want?" The people who got really screwed were either black or female. Glad Nucky didn't kill Eli, but interested to see where the characters are at next season.
I thought it was pretty obvious that the two were murdered, dragged outside and burned because of the disease. I highly doubt that there is a conspiracy to kill everyone in quarantine when: a). Daryl and company are out to find medicine that will likely cure their illness. Also Hershel is making temporary progress in this regard. b). Carol was teaching the kids how to use weapons for their benefit (i.e. self defense), not for ruthless and highly questionable murder....
I'm not sure how happy I am now that there is no more Eddie, but more Margaret. C'est la vie.
She'll be back in the next episode, I'm sure. Nucky received a gift for his stepson Teddy from Sally the Bartender.
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