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Coal tar is really bad news guys. I only use it when I feel like I absolutely must.
Or pin dress shields in your shirts.
Yes Pilates or Alexander technique. Even yoga.
esquire that is a very interesting question regarding the percentage of garment cost that goes to advertising. I would love to know the answer to that myself. Anyone? Plus the mental process of a large woman looking at the sizt 2 photo is that she subconciously thinks that she will look that small in that garment. BTW Talbot is not doing very well at the moment and they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd. This is a great thread.
Streetwear is anything that you would feel comfortable wearing to a brawl.
Quote: Quote: (Walter @ April 20 2005,07:37) Then parents should reconsider the education and control what their kids eat. After all they are no garbage cans. hey, you are one seriously unpleasant little puppy, aren't you? globe are you confusing "unpleasant" with "being European'? (hee hee)
It would be far easier to recut the pockets than the fly.
I would go with a rayon lining for summer.
Fashion is the prevailing mode in the specific time frame of a given location. 80 years ago the kids wore raccoon coats with unfastened galoshes. Which is worse?
IMO this would be more trouble than it would be worth unless you have gained weight in the belly. Even then you would have to make sure that there is enough waistband in the back to accomodate the new front. Otherwise you get into recutting the front pockets etc.
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