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Oops Manton I was off base with my original post. A lot of what is called horsehair these days is really plastic woven threads. I have seen this woven with canvas (it still pokes through just like real horsehair). Fewer horses these days.
fkl I think that your jacket would look fine with the addition of a leather collar.
I googled hymo canvas and it seems to be 40% wool/60% goat hair. I got the impression that it is used for lighter weight suitings. A lot of sites call it hymo hair canvas.
Skinny rectangular glasses. (blegh) -
IMO fine pick stitching can look formal as opposed to a longer stitch.
Are you any good at painting? If the brush does not work try a light stipple with a sharpie. It's black so it should work.
Anything that high will create a fold because it will be fighting the curvature of the neck. I have had problems with crewnecks like that before.
I have shoulders like armscye. Quite often I remove the pads, but I make sure to tack down the canvas inside a little better than it was so it will not crease. Plus, depending on the quality of the garment, I have found that the lining may need to be redraped in the shoulder area. This really works when I am gaining weight as my shoulders get even broader, along with my gut lol.
Looks like a bootie with elastic gores at the sides. Are you talking about the brown pair?
5K CD go to Bangkok. Take photos of garments that you like from magazines etc. You will get all that you need except accesories.
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