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I can relate to that. I used to find quite a few things at thrift back in the day but I always had problems with the length (6'6").
I have avoided this thread but yesterday I found a big Mark Cross leather folio for $2 in a wacky church bazzar. It's in pretty good shape. I am big and tall so I usually don't find things to fit me at thrift but I have found that it's worth going through the bags etc.
Please avoid Peds. Thank you.
I look for a leather lining and something other than a full on center back seam at the heel.
The jeans sound like an easy repair for anyone. If you want to diy on the shoes you will need Barge cement, but I think that you will get a better result from a repair person
If I ever do it again I will buy my fabric here and take it there. The labor cost alone is incredibly cheap.
It's easier to take in the back. In the front you get into problems with the pockets.
Quote: Quote: (Mike C. @ May 02 2005,18:47) Charvet are actually $14, however they are real silk. Most others are just elastic. Though the Charvet are real silk, they fall apart pretty easy. True.... nice as they are, I stopped wearing these years ago. None ever lasted me more than a few wearings... I bet if you doused them with Fray Check they would last indefinately.
I would say under the patch only if the jeans are loose and you need the extra cinching. Not my problem lately - (wah).
Yes they still make it. They used to mix horsehair in with plaster for walls as well. It made the whole mess less likely to crumble later on.
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