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Not that I'm suggesting that you wear them this way, but does the problem go away if you pull the waist up higher? It sounds like the crotch depth is too low, which is very difficult to fix.
Just a note, I would say to store the coat back home. L.A. has a terrible moth problem.
Maybe we should all start tying our shirts at the waist and wearing neckties as belts, just like Fred did.
Quote: Fred Astaire was a great wearer of tie clips. However, I still won't wear them. I agree. Astaire has been dead for quite some time now.
I think that flip flops are fine for the grocery store. I don't think that they are a safe driving choice for footwear. Many years ago a friend of mine was in a gay bar in Las Vegas and he saw a guy dressed in full leather plus flip flops. A fashion don't.
I use flat strong hangers covered in muslin for my belts. I just pin around the buckle on to the muslin. It saves a lot of space.
I think that part of the problem is your shopping location. You would probably find a better size range for your needs in an area with more Asians and Latins.
Some studio apts. are being sold for $1 million now -
Shoe trees may seem expensive to you but they keep your shoes looking fresh for a lot longer.
I have a buzzed stache and goatee. :#)
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