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Stand in front of a mirror and hold the garment sideways with both hands. Then lift the garment under your chin and pull the ends up to the top of your head. Once you have surrounded you face with a color it will be easy to see if it works for you or not.
I'm guessing that people want to copy them. They look like a nice cut.
On a historical note, if ladies were present (including his wife), my grandfather would leave the room to roll up his sleeves, then re-enter the room. A Victorian custom.
Best not to give $ to arrogant people, that means that you subsidize their behavior.
Looks like he is going to audition for a revival of 'Dynasty', in the Joan Collins role...
If you have a camel toe, it's too high.
Every once in a while I see homies indoors with their hoods up. I guess they're trying to hide.
Quote: New York is more than an American city. It is an international city - like London or Hong Kong. Some people call it the capital of the world: In NY the city has put banners on every lamp post reminding all that we are the 'Capitol of the World', in case anyone might briefly forget this concept.
Sounds like a crotch depth issue. Oh well -
Try saftey pinning them in at the side seams around the same height as where the crotch is too big. If it's just a problem of the hips being cut too big, that can be fixed.
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