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IMO she did it right, as the back seam is more the outseam.
I favor my Nautica overscaled plastic numbers with brushed steel temples.
The more experience you have sewing, the better you become at handling fabric. Maybe some kid from Sri Lanka can push a seam through faster, But the old tailor will make sure that the seam does not pucker.
Thank you sir.
Quote: Bemberg is best, I think. Manton, is Bemberg made from rayon?
I do sometomes. Plus on occasion I have dyed shoelaces.
The outer fabric slides over the lining so it is less likely to bag at the knee from stretching.
Along with Mr. Dryer, you might be able to cheat the collar button in a bit. Wearing it with a vested suit hides the excess bulk in the body.
Try a bristle brush.
Sometimes Urban Outfitters will carry a western style, but the quality can get sketchy.
New Posts  All Forums: