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White pants -
OMG counting is out of the question -
Quote: Quote: (mack11211 @ June 14 2005,03:46) To truly clean something you have to send water through it. I agree. You can get away with dry cleaning many things, but some pieces eventually need to be immersed in water. Plus there is some mysterious 'wet' method of dry cleanig that involves water. I have had silk shirts come back from the dry cleaner up to two inches shorter in the sleeves.
Quote: The jacket looks cut well enough but the crotch is too low.
And here I thought that catching a zipper in your frenulum was a rite of passage...
LA, do you find that things stay in your pockets?
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang,June 09 2005,17:35 As promised, here are my Zeiss: Don't care for those at all and are way too big for your face IMO. I am inclined to agree. The lower part of the lenses sit too far down from your cheekbone area. They are making your midface area look flat.
Anything with straps will eventually make the shoulder area wear out/rip, but that has a certain charm. But before the garment reaches that point, the rubbing of the straps make a nice polish on the skins. I used to use Lexol but you have to be careful to just use a little. Too much will eat the hides. I do a mink oiling every spring on my jackets now, when I'm being good.
Me too. I wind up making pockets deeper if they're too shallow.
Quote: The worst is when they put the sunglasses on top of their head. To this day I find that to be the look of the quintessential imbecile. At least around here. Just curious PHV, where are you located?
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