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I have tried Crest and Rembrandt. They worked for me but in both cases the results lasted about two months.
Craigslist forums.
Military has very specific rules about not mixing uniform pieces with civvies. I have been there on this one.
Quote: Does it serve to shorten the legnth of the sleeve a bit? Yes it certainly can. For example, if you lose quite a bit of weight, the sleeve will fall lower from your shoulder. Then you may need to make the wrist tighter to raise the cuff.
$100 leather jacket $50 jeans $100 shoes $20 belt $20 t-shirt $5 sunglasses So he could get two pair of jeans, two pair of shoes. maybe an extra belt, and a couple of more shirts or a sweater.
How about pearl grey?
Just walk around with a needle sticking out of your arm. People will avoid you like the plague.
Brussels is very good for just plain walking around. It is the birthplace of Art Nouveau and has many original Nouveau and Deco storefronts. Be sure to have a waffle.
This is kind of a long story but I recently hand washed two Jos. Banks merino polo sweaters (tag said dry clean only). Both sweaters had tiny holes show up after they dried and had to be discarded. I had the same problem with a Gap merino sweater last winter. At first I thought it must be a moth hole but now I'm wondering if there is occasional weakness in the yarn of lesser quality sweaters. I haven't run across this problem before but I'm new to merino. Comments?
I agree. They breathe on those hot days.
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