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I used the tailors at R&S cleaners in Manhattan. They do a lot of movie work etc.
I have found that cotton stretches at stress points but bounces back after a wash/dry. Very interesting regarding your shirt.
I have had shirts taken up 4" with this method. BTW, have you wet and machine dryed these shirts yet? That would help you.
Quote: Any competent tailor will be able to remove the cuff, the placket, open the sleeve gauntlet and re stich the whole thing neatly. I agree. They will just raise the placket. Much better.
Cotton batiste makes a great shirt for the beach. I like a button front as you can just pop it on and leave it open.
Tape or clear varnish. Silver belt buckles are not too expensive.
Only shrink it if you have some extra length in the sleeves. Try hot water first, air dry. If you want more shrinkage, wet it and then put it in the dryer.
Because it's a knit, I would take it to someone that does ladies' alterations. Are the armholes too deep? Because they would have to take it apart and raise the shoulder line, in which case it would get shorter at the waist. Have you tried washing it in hot water to shrink it, or would that make the sleeves too short?
Many companies manufacture specific lines that they sell to the discounters.
Quote: Given the known popularity of brown apparel with "rednecks, white trash, peckerwoods, hillbillies," et al., it makes me wonder whether there is any truth in these persistent rumors I keep hearing to the effect that the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are going to be adopting BROWN robes in place of white. They plan to merge with the Franciscans.
New Posts  All Forums: