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My Mom used to do this, but she would keep checking the sweater and pulling on it as it dried to make sure that it stayed blocked the way she wanted it.
I am guessing here but do you think that the tailor actually saves your paper pattern or do you think that they mark the pattern onto the fabric from your measurements?
I do it every once in a while, mainly with thin sweaters that have very long sleeves.
I'm guessing 1930.
Quote: my advice? beer and weightlifting. Ha ha. Or get married. Double breast is your friend.
It depends on whether you want to dress for comfort. In a hot stickey climate, linen is the ideal choice.
Sometimes I will wear mine to the movies etc. if it's just a few blocks away.
Quote: You see, there are always people everywhere in this country who know only a tiny bit about any subject but never hesitate to talk about it like ultimate authority, which is what I find the most repulsive of America. Sheesh... While the poster of this comment is from a mystery point of origin, let me make an educated guess and say Japan. Am I correct? Have you read the Westwood biography? She is not a terrific businesswoman. She does have a...
It's all for publicity.
I think that people are reacting to higher prices in certain imported clothing lines due to the weak dollar. At that price point, I think that a lot of people want a garment that they know that they can wear for several years.
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