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First post in while and i thought i why not enter the competition. Pretty crappy picture to show of the fit. No natural light as im wearing this suit for the evening. Details: Extra blue picture:
Finally got me some green suede! Best part is theyre lined with thick wool so theyre perfect for those cold days. And a Vibram sole to help you walk on the slipery sidewalks of Gothenburg
Look in the thread above. But it looks lite the good ones.
Why no answer for my PM??
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw One of my favorite winter ties! Nice look! Thank you! Its great. Like your coat very much btw!
Got me some panta!
My pants and tie arrived, just fantastic! Will post fitpic when the pants get back som getting hemmed! The only problem is that i have to finance some more pairs, want that charcoal cashmere tie and the cavalary twill!
^^ Very very nice!
This arrived today: Containing this: Containing this: Trying to get a picture with some good lighting: Soleshot: Shape and material: Heel: Putting them on: Sorry for the picheavy post but im so exited! This is my firts pair of realy good shoes and i just love them!
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy Well, i´m not really able to say something about the colour and / or the shape, but the tie knot is grrrrrreat! How would you achieve that? Just a double four in hand!
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