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Cuffs were non-functioning. It was a lengthening not a shortening.
Got some thrifted Zegna jacket for cheap but needed lengthened sleeves. Alterationist was a knob and sewed the sleeve vents closed. Sleeves were non functioning, but still looks cheap. Overall 45 bucks and tailoring later was a risk I don't mind if it didn't work out total for the jacket, but is it easily repairable by myself?
Also assuming you would be the one doing emergency repairs/engine work yourself. Bring some junk clothes for that, don't want to ruin nice clothes with engine grease.
Get some thick wool sweaters and waterproof clothing too. Be prepared, it gets freaking cold on the water.
Sleven, are there ever made to measure events. I'm gonna need suits for practicum and careers after grad, (not yet as I am on weight loss anyways) but am an 11 inch drop and possibly growing wider (lower waisted pants typically worn). I barely fit a 48r fitzgerald in the shoulders, but wear size 37 in milano chinos so M2M is really only option other than sport coats and trousers
At brooks: "Okay what if we take the Fun Shirt, and put that shit on EVERYTHING!"
Raptor (RPTP) panic sold today on fear over news down 24%, which was actually good news. Hoping the analyst coverage raising target to 10 brings some hype back (or FDA approval comes)
Big guy and chunky, focused more on lifting big then physique as the gym is more of a stress release thing as opposed to fitness. 48 chest and 36 waist......... So huge drop without physique for really slimfit clothes. If you have big thighs that have shape to them (as opposed to elephant legs) what has often worked for me is sizing up slim fit pants to a 38 and taking in the waist. For suits though it's rather difficult. For shirts try the brooks brothers slim fit (if...
Angle of the lapel button hole bugs me, but overrall a good looking jacket for sure.
Well I favour the old phpBB style boards, this does load faster. It's an adjustment none the less, and so be it. A forum need not be too flashy to attract visitors, and comparitively this is actually a really good looking board. Case in point is /b/, which is ugly as crap but certainly has a faithful fandom. As far as the whole monetarization issue, I'd rather they make a small amount of coin of the commerce on the site. They provide a service to people here and...
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