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looks fine. you have wiggle room in wearing them at the hips as opposed to the waist.
the navy, definitely.
dockers has the most inconsistent fitting pants of any label ever. even within the exact same model/style you might find up to 5 or 6 different overall fits. only way I'd even consider them is if you tried them on in store or plan to have them tailored.
these might be acceptable if you were taking an excursion to antarctica.
nice jacket, might help to actually post a picture of the charcoal instead of the heather grey.
that was my first thought, there's nothing masculine about that photo at all so i figured he was trolling.
they make a good lightweight layering piece, easy to care for and hold up well. but they're cut really short... and sizing up equates to a wider torso and no additional length. I would avoid unless you're relatively short (ie 5"6 or shorter)
use the search, there's a thread
fail troll is fail
^^ those almost look even worse than the first ones you postedI lol'd
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