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Looking for zegna, isaia or canali 36s suit or sportscoat. new or very lightly used
Title says it all; looking for new or lightly used mila fit E. Zegna suits or sportcoats in 36s
I have one that I bought in may. I have probably worn it once every two weeks since then. It was a decent buy for $400. I'm also a 36s and its tough to find a good selection. Don't pay $700 for it, ask an employee when they'll have 30-40% off. Off 5th has different sale prices just about every week.
The OP list puts Valentino suits in the fully canvassed category. Does this include current white label ones (~1300 msrp)?
I've also been having a hard time tracking down slim fit french cuff shirts in my price range. Your best bet for the fit you want is probably going to be MTM. That being said, I bought this in white and it was almost perfect. I think its a little wider than this years new slim offerings, but a tailor just put some darts in mine problem solved. I'm thinking about getting it in blue too. Pretty nice fabric at half...
thanks for the help dsmivtr, no Rack stores in my area I'm afraid. There will be a off5th in a few months, but that's a bit too late! JohnsNotHere, can you recommend the right kind of brush or brushes for wool and cotton?
Hi all, I've been a lurker for some time and I was hoping I could get some advice. Next month I'm going to start working at Nordstrom in men's sportswear. Primarily I am looking to get significant retail/commissioned sales experience at a well known company on my resume. Not to say I don't like/enjoy clothes, but they haven't really been a life-long obsession! I do have a few nice suits, but not very many; I recently graduated from college and my suit collection is very...
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