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ending soon six small kirby allison's Hanger Project hangers
I don't post often, as I am more of the occasional lurker, but I think there are a few things in this thread I can explain/simplify, I used to work at Nordstrom. 1) While the salespeople in the clothing and furnishing departments must wear suiting, it is very common that folks from sportswear will also sell merchandise from the adjacent departments. So the OP may be seeing those salespeople. 2) Nordstrom almost always hires holiday sales temps, whoever said Nordstrom is...
Abboud suits that are sold by JC Penny etc and those that are found at Tux rental places are pretty bad made in china suits. But, the ones made in the USA are pretty decent half canvas pieces. $700 retail is a bit much by SF standards, but not crazy.
I know it is kind of odd to necro my own post, but I think it will be cathartic. Now that I no longer work for Nordstrom I am able to more fully contribute to this forum. Part of my success was due to the wealth of information I acquired from lurking on this forum. Thanks! It is very amusing for me to read my original post. I’m a grade A snob now. Thinking about shopping at a CK outlet is laughable. I’m only a 38 in something like a drop 8 Z-zegna. I’m only satisfied...
I special ordered these and they were way too big in my expected size. I also felt the leather didn't look good and there a lot of scratch marks. Glad I didn't make a new order.
I wouldn't worry about the Canali pants. They often have an extra inch to start, and have plenty of extra fabric. D&G Martini is a garbage suit, especially for the money.
I'm not much bigger than the OP, but most kids stuff doesn't fit because the armholes are tiny and its very hard to move. Hickey Freeman makes the nicest kids stuff I've seen, only brand that didn't have that problem for me.
used or new?
sadface bump maybe hickey, RLBL or BB fitz/milano instead?
whats the pricing like on suits at the bloomingdales outlet?
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