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I am also interested in an Aventus split! --- I got a 90 on the 7 and an 86 on the 66. Good luck!
Just bought a pair of both of these. What do you guys think???
I have noticed a lot of people selling gift cards on craigslist at BIG discounts. For example, someone is selling $900 worth of gift cards for lets say $500. I would really like to jump on this but I have foresee some big risks, maybe you guys can come up with a good strategy? First, how do I execute the initial exchange, in other words, I am very weary of handing over cash to someone just to see them run off with it. I guess we could try to exchange at the exact...
It is about $300 but through a friend I think I can get it for around $200.
I am 24. I am trying to avoid looking too flashy or too old for my age. Any other suggestions?
what do you guys think???
Hey I am 24, just moved to Hoboken, NJ. I don't really know anyone in NYC so I am lookin for some people to meet up with. Anyone want to do somethin this weekend?
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 bk but how often yr commute? It all depends on how many nights I just wanna crash at my parents house who live right near where I work in central NJ. I could just drive in monday morning and sleep at their house for the week and drive back to NYC on friday, or I could try driving back and forth everyday, but I think that would get old pretty fast since it is probably like 90 mins each way.
I am 24 years old and plan on moving to either Hoboken or Brooklyn soon. Which do you guys think would be better for someone my age in terms of getting around, meeting girls, accessing manhattan, living conditions etc...??? I will also have to commute to central NJ pretty often so that is a consideration. Thanks a lot!!!
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