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[[SPOILER]] New chiseled last is finally ready and will reveal the first shoe in it soon Just in time for some MTOs I've been considering
Carmina doesn't have anything like this do they>
I've asked David about the possibility of getting the large POW done up as a scarf to go with a camel overcoat and brown fedora. So I too am interested in how it looks and feels IRL.
Michael Scott FTW!
How do the Olfe and New Ray compare to the Hiro?
I'd definitely be interested in both the calf and suede versions.
If I'm 10 in Carmina Rain and 10.5 in Simpson, am I looking at 10 in Hiro and Olfe?
I'd be up for that (depending on price). What's the difference between Robert and Forest? I'd prefer the sleeker of the two.
I think that swatch is for this one: http://luxire.com/products/pale-blue-poplin-140-2. I suspect you were sent the swatch for that one in error, instead of the swatch for the 2/100. They're both listed as "pale blue poplin".
New Posts  All Forums: