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My original plan was to have it done up in the new chisel toe last. I'm going to set up a referral in my sig so people and check it out and sign on.
Seems like we've got a few going on the navy museum austerity. Now if only Meermin would email me back!
Thanks for the update. Now the question is, who gets the 2-3 pairs in the initial run? I didn't include details in my email because I had questions about the process on how to submit what I was looking for. Your post seems to imply that only those who submitted specific ideas right away are getting in on the test shoes.
I'm in the same boat. Emailed right after the post went up and haven't heard a thing. Hoping to hear back from them on this soon.
+ infinity. David is impossible to beat for customer service. Just such a great guy to deal with.
Email sent on test shoes! This could be fun.
It's been pretty ugly this year and I really haven't been able to wear any of my nice shoes. My wife and I are both finishing up soon and are applying for jobs on the west coast (we're both originally from the lower mainland in BC). I'm looking forward to the mild winters and being able to wear my shoes again!
I so covet those boots. You make them look even more appealing in the photo
Canadian pricing just went up $30 across the board. Not so pleased with that Between the extremely limited (compared to other areas) selection and the price increases, I'm not sure Suit Supply is going to stay competitive in Canada for much longer. Prices are starting to get within range of what is available for full canvas MTM suiting.
I shouldn't be holding out much hope that there will be a host of new Washingtons in lighter wool fabrics should I?
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