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Too short. Way too short.
It's been down for what seems like a couple of weeks now. Anyone know the shoulder measurement of a 40R Lazio by chance?
We don't know yet as all we've seen are previews of the new last. Will update when it finally debuts and we get some details.
What's a pegged waist?
I got into the first run but they aren't able to source the cherry calf and pin grain I'm looking for a the moment so they suggested I wait for the second round.
^^^ What last is that?
^^ I have that same tie and it is one of my favourites. It really pops in real life.
Check out my sig and leave a post on the thread I started for that to make sure you stay in the loop.
I've hear that too (about the 25 minimum), but I've also heard that is no longer the case. I wish Meermin would actually email me back with a firm answer either way.
I've been eyeing these for a while. I like exotics on conservatively styled shoes. Most people will just see a brown shoe but the lizard gives it a little more visual interest.
New Posts  All Forums: