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There is a big difference between the collar of a shirt being too small to fit around your throat without choking you and the waist of a pair of pants being 1cm too big (which is within the amount someones waist might expand after drinking a lot of water or having a large meal). One makes the garment literally unwearable the other is gross hyperbole.
Only on SF does a 1cm difference make something "unwearable".
+100 I'd love to see this too. Especially more vested suits and basic colour washingtons.
@unipairguy: The new site looks great! Is there any way you could add an option for international pricing? I hate having to pm/email you every time I want to ask about what the price would be to Canada. Not that I don't enjoy our correspondence, just that it's a hassle for both of us.
Thanks Holdfast! That's quite fascinating. I'd heard of silk armour before, but had no idea that military officers had worn it for it's firearms related qualities. Can't say I'm planning on getting shot with a musket any time soon, but that certainly does lend some evidence as to why Flemming may have chosen silk for Bond.
@Luxire: What's the difference between the Monti of Italy - White Poplin 2/140 at $79.99 and the one at $89.99?
Anyone have any thoughts on or experience with this fabric: The literary Bond always wore white silk shirts and I have to admit I'm a bit curious about why Flemming made that choice for the character. I've thought about trying something like this for my "really nice/special occasion/evening wear" white shirt. Thoughts? Am I missing some critical problem with silk in shirts that I'm unaware of?
Those don't look very wide at all. I can't imagine the standard width not looking narrow on that 44.
Don't worry CruzAzul. I love Tom Ford, so am actually hoping the wide lapels are Ford-like
Would you mind posting some pics?
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