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Basically, yeah.
Doubt I'll get any bites but would anyone be interested in a really boring staple style MTO?I'm imagining these two shoes: [[SPOILER]] No perf, in New Ray or Park, in black calf. Dainite sole on the boot, single leather on the derby.
Yes, it is regular width.
Selling a pair of Carmina's in black lizard. 10UK in Rain last. Check my sig for details.
Brand new mint condition Carmina Rain last 10UK black lizard single monks from a Gentemen's Footwear GMTO. Absolutely beautiful shoes. I tried them on once when they arrived and they haven't been worn since. As much as I love them I can't see myself getting much use out of them so I'm passing them along to someone who can. I'm offering them for less than I paid, even with the GMTO. These are a real steal for anyone who missed out. $650 $595 USD inclusive of basic...
Anyone know if you can get your local store to order in something featured on a foreign website? There are items on the UK site I want but they aren't available for shipping to Canada
Which Washington is that?
There is a big difference between the collar of a shirt being too small to fit around your throat without choking you and the waist of a pair of pants being 1cm too big (which is within the amount someones waist might expand after drinking a lot of water or having a large meal). One makes the garment literally unwearable the other is gross hyperbole.
Only on SF does a 1cm difference make something "unwearable".
+100 I'd love to see this too. Especially more vested suits and basic colour washingtons.
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