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Does anyone know the measurements of the standard 1738 collar?
He's David. His daughter is Sam. The company is named for her. And David is literally the nicest, most helpful and accommodating person you will ever do business with.
@Luxire How many metres of fabric would I need to source for a 40R 3 piece CMT?
^^^ Nothing sexualized about that.
Breaks my heart I didn't find this before it got snatched up. It's exactly the suit I've been looking for, in my size, and priced to move
Agreed. There is a wonderful bespoke tailor in Vancouver that starts their bespoke service at $1350. Multiple fittings, unique pattern, full canvas, handwork, etc. all done on site.
Speaking of purple ties... So I decided to wear one of my beautiful, new, unworn Hobers to a wedding on Friday night and lo and behold I managed to spill something on it. I have no idea what it is on the tie (since I have no idea when it happened). I come now before you hoping that my fellow Hober lovers will be able to help me get this stain out of my tie. Help me styleforum, you're my only hope!
I've got a navy museum mto in my sig. Just waiting for details on the new last and on how many are needed for a museum calf GMTO.
@Luxire - Any update on the suit ordering using measurements that was teased a coupe months ago?
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