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Anyone have Kent's navy knit tie? I'm wondering how dark a navy it is. Is it a true navy (like midnight navy) or a medium navy?
Any interest out there for a GMTO for the two shoes below in black calf, rain or simpson last?
Has anyone tried the wrinkle free white poplin? http://custom.luxire.com/products/wrinkle-free-white-poplin-80-2 I'm looking for a white fabric for every day wear that will resist wrinkling but be crisp, formal, and simple enough for suit wear that isn't heavy or hot wearing like a twill tends to be. Open to suggestions for potential fabrics that fit the bill from people who have tried other white luxire fabrics.
Basically, yeah.
Doubt I'll get any bites but would anyone be interested in a really boring staple style MTO?I'm imagining these two shoes: [[SPOILER]] No perf, in New Ray or Park, in black calf. Dainite sole on the boot, single leather on the derby.
Yes, it is regular width.
Selling a pair of Carmina's in black lizard. 10UK in Rain last. Check my sig for details.
Brand new mint condition Carmina Rain last 10UK black lizard single monks from a Gentemen's Footwear GMTO. Absolutely beautiful shoes. I tried them on once when they arrived and they haven't been worn since. As much as I love them I can't see myself getting much use out of them so I'm passing them along to someone who can. I'm offering them for less than I paid, even with the GMTO. These are a real steal for anyone who missed out. $650 $595 USD inclusive of basic...
Anyone know if you can get your local store to order in something featured on a foreign website? There are items on the UK site I want but they aren't available for shipping to Canada
Which Washington is that?
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