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I agree with the above. There seems to be a generous "handling" component to that price.
I have about 7 pairs right now (not including running shoes, sandals, boat shoes and winter boots, though I included those for the poal). I just gave away about a dozen old shoes I didn't wear anymore.
Has anyone had any experience with these guys? If so, post your thoughts and pics if you've got them. cheers!
What does Jeffrey recommend for suit care? From the cryptic way people are talking about it I would imagine goats blood, chanting and a virgin are involved.
Quote: Originally Posted by Looch Tell us more. How many degrees you say? How much smarter than the rest of us are you? Please tell us all the ways you are better than the rest of us imbeciles who have stooped to buy a Boss suit. Clearly you missed the point. The claim I was responding to was that Boss = good quality because rich people buy it, therefore rich people = smarter. I was being sarcastic. I wasn't claiming to be better than anyone,...
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Gentlemen, It's RE-EDUCATION, not liquidation. As far as the use of a woodchipper, I would be much more comfortable if it were manual, not motorized.. It would also give the operator a sense of ownership of the project and foster responsibility. Normally I'd agree with you. But some things just can't be saved. I do agree with you on the woodchipper though.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Rarely. Watching the Carbon Footprint. Ah... shame, that. You'd think the old girl could take this one for the team.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade These "gentlemen" qualify for scholarships to Re-Education Camp. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reeducation_camp Does this "re-education" perhaps involve a flamethrower?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord Asquith Listen, you can fool some kid who buys used ebay suits but you can't fool upper crust people who shop at SAKS and I don't mean some saks outlet where they unload their crappier stuff. I mean SAKS on 5th Ave in Manhattan. They carry BOSS every year, year after year. Yes because rich people are NEVER fooled into buying things because they have a particular label on them and not because they are of high...
Anyone who has used Garrison Bespoke/Fifth on King have any pics they could share of the finished project?
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