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Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts I love fountain pens. It's the only type of pen I use though I don't have any that are particularily fancy or nice. Just a standard Mont Blanc, a vintage (c. 1950) Parker "51" and a one-off handmade one. Where I work, my boss, uses nothing but fountain pens when sketching...it's pretty cool to watch. Don't sell your collection short. That vintage '51 is worth a small fortune to a collector if it's in...
Quote: Originally Posted by aravenel I actually use one of those every day. Great pen. Would go to something nicer, but I know that as soon as I do, I'll lose it... They are great pens. Especially for the price. I always recommend anyone getting into fountain pens make a Safari their first purchase before they jump in with both feet and get something fancier (which oftentimes can be inferior).
My grandparents, before they died, owned one of the few remaining pen shops in Western Canada (it's the Vancouver Pen Shop, for those who are interested). I've been around fountain pens my whole life. I think my very first was a Lamy Safari when I was about 7 years old. Now I use a Waterman Hemisphere as a day-to-day beater pen and a Mont Blanc Starwalker at home which my grandmother gave to me as a graduation present when I finished my B.A.. My students (who are now of...
I like them. But it's hard to tell how they will look without knowing what your face shape is.
Thanks for the help all. I picked up a Burberry coat in B&S.
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is what you need. This is around 130-170 dollars retail (1.7 ounce) and marketed as a unisex scent, the main component is tobacco and it is a very masculine scent. +1 for TF Tobacco Vanille. Very masculine and lasts the whole day. Hell, I have a sample card from a month ago that still carries the scent.
Title pretty much says it all. Need a new raincoat as the one I currently have is 100% polyester (preSF purchase) and doesn't breathe. I sweat so much when I wear it I might as well not have. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.
Equus leather
I don't know. Unstructured suit to a funeral seems a little disrespectful to me. I tend to think of unstructured suits as being more appropriate for party/casual settings where you can let loose a little. Unless this is a very untraditional funeral, I'm not sure that's the appearance you want to give.
Gotta get me a pair of these when I get the chance. They have a very Nucky Thompson vibe which appeals to me.
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