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It's for night wear, I have light summer day suits. It gets extremely humid here in Kingston. Even at night it can be 35 C with 100% humidity. All my dark suits are all-season/winter weight and I'm getting tired of showing up for dinner at fancy restaurants all sweaty and damp.
Hello all. Wondering if anyone could suggest how I would go about purchasing fabric to take to a tailor. I'm looking to get a midnight blue tonik (or equivalent) for a summer suit, but don't know where to start. I'd appreciate any help or directions people might be willing to offer. Thanks!
Let me know how it goes at Trend. I'm going to email Zeglio and see what comes of that.
And that is precisely why I wanted to get more info over the phone rather than take a trip down there only to have the same experience you just had. I seems they gave you in person the runaround I got on the phone. Their loss. Good luck to you in your search!
I don't particularly dislike black shoes, though I don't find them as interesting as my brown shoes. I only have one pair of black, one oxblood, and the rest are various shades of brown. As an aside though, what do people think of a midnight blue shoe in place of black? Obviously not with a black funeral suit, but with various shades of navy and grey?
Quote: Originally Posted by DLKY St James II in vintage rioja MH71 What toes shape is that on those? Soft square?
I figured as much. Just thought it was worth a try.
I realize that. Hence, I'm looking for other sources.
Does anyone know any online sources for Tom Ford suits other than ebay, the B&S, and bluefly?
Title says it all. If you have a Tom Ford (new preferred but I'll entertain used as well) in 44R US please let me know. I'd very much like to take them off your hands. Would especially like midnight blue/dark navy but I'm not ruling anything else out. cheers!
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