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I figured as much. Just thought it was worth a try.
I realize that. Hence, I'm looking for other sources.
Does anyone know any online sources for Tom Ford suits other than ebay, the B&S, and bluefly?
Title says it all. If you have a Tom Ford (new preferred but I'll entertain used as well) in 44R US please let me know. I'd very much like to take them off your hands. Would especially like midnight blue/dark navy but I'm not ruling anything else out. cheers!
How is it possible that your tailor turned a 52R into a 42L for only $100? I can't imagine it actually "fits." The shoulders have to be HUGE and the pants must be a mess.
I would think for all the hassle, the runaround, the lies, and the last minute delivery, $500 would be more appropriate.
22 oz minimum. Unless you're in the bahamas, then by all means 18 oz. And if want to do somethng different for an overcoat, maybe distinguish it with style and not fabric. If it's your first coat you're going to want something versatile. If you really want to go brown PoW might I suggest.... http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/h...cjkvo1_500.jpg It's the one in the middle.
^^ correct. As long as the button holes aren't functional, and there is extra fabric, it's quite easy to lengthen a sleeve. If, however, the button holes are functional it may or may not be possible as it has to be done from the sleeve head. If it can be done, it's expensive.
That would be great, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Looch I've posted about Garrison in the past and can't speak more highly about the guys or the product they produce. I can't account for this $6k over-the-phone quote- seems very strange. I got a killer 2-piece made by them in Scabal fabric recently and it has won them my business for life. Out of curiosity, what did your Scabal 2 piece cost?
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