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Quote: Originally Posted by Looch I've posted about Garrison in the past and can't speak more highly about the guys or the product they produce. I can't account for this $6k over-the-phone quote- seems very strange. I got a killer 2-piece made by them in Scabal fabric recently and it has won them my business for life. Out of curiosity, what did your Scabal 2 piece cost?
I looked around at a few others on the internet, but prices seemed to be much higher than my budget ($1000-$1500). Does anyone have any recommendations?
My first question was whether they had a house style, as I didn't want to waste either of our time if they couldn't do what I was looking for. I was told there was no house look and it was up to the customers preferences. Then I got some evasive non-answers around pricing, and the $6000 figure when I mentioned Tom Ford. So, honestly, I'm not sure. That conversation left me more confused than I was before.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose I think they've been spoiled by other grooms who don't balk at the once-in-a-lifetime-so-why-cheap-out shtick. In fact, he more or less used that exact line. He basically said that he wouldn't feel comfortable putting me in entry level fabric for my wedding, that it would be a mistake I would regret for the rest of my life. Then he fired out the $6000 amount and said that was more what I should be looking to...
I was quite surprised myself when he suggested it. I had made it clear I was looking at an entry level type of fabric, so when he said $6000 wasn't out of line for a wedding suit I was taken aback. I chalked it up to a couple of things. Either he was hoping he could upsell me (quite dramatically), or he thought I was an idiot who didn't know what I was talking about and he would convince me that six grand was a reasonable starter price for a bespoke suit. It just seemed...
I gave them a call the other day based on what people had said on here. I have to say, they left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I was interested in getting some basic pricing information (as in, what price point do your two-pieces start at) and the manager kept giving me the run-around and was very evasive. Not only would he not give me a rough estimate on their pricing model, he insisted that the only way he could tell me how much my suit would cost would be to see me...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sam Hober 11-fold ties do not imply better craftsmanship - they imply interesting marketing most of the time. If you are using very thin fabric an 11-fold tie could be useful but with most luxury necktie fabric 11-folds serve no practical purpose. There should be no difference in the construction quality of a luxury tie due to the number of folds. I would pick a well made 3-fold over most 6 and 7 folds that are made...
Unless you've just won the superbowl, I'm not sure that it's appropriate IMHO. Of course I've never liked stones in men's wedding bands, so I'm not a good judge on these things. I don't think it's garish, but it seems a little "blingy" to me. If you're looking for something different but not garish, and are set on having a stone, might I recommend a black diamond?
Brioni for Casino Royale. Same people who dressed Brosnan for his films. Tom Ford in Quantum of Solace.
Actually, it does have covered buttons... don't know why the picture won't show. Go to http://screenmusings.org/CasinoRoyale/pages/CR_1014.htm and check Bond's sleeve.
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