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My first choice would be New Ray, but I know a lot of people don't fit that last so Park is also doable. I know in the past Meermin has done GMTOs with two different last options so that may be possible.
Going to try this again and see if it drums up any interest this time. I'd like to do a group MTO for a staple shoe. Black calf, two eyelet derby, on New Ray or Park. Single leather sole. Basically the shoe below in black calf without the detailing. Any takers?
I think this broad-chested gentleman in slim lapels would disagree:
Thanks! Does that include VAT?
Can anyone remind me of what the up charge is for MTO?
Looks big overall to me.
Anyone every gotten a suit made with pleated pants? I'm considering doing a single pleat but would like to see what it looks like first.
Anyone have Kent's navy knit tie? I'm wondering how dark a navy it is. Is it a true navy (like midnight navy) or a medium navy?
Any interest out there for a GMTO for the two shoes below in black calf, rain or simpson last?
Has anyone tried the wrinkle free white poplin? http://custom.luxire.com/products/wrinkle-free-white-poplin-80-2 I'm looking for a white fabric for every day wear that will resist wrinkling but be crisp, formal, and simple enough for suit wear that isn't heavy or hot wearing like a twill tends to be. Open to suggestions for potential fabrics that fit the bill from people who have tried other white luxire fabrics.
New Posts  All Forums: