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^^ Looks great! I'll be ordering one of those on my next shirt.
Is that the standard 1738?
Surprised to see the "no customizations allowed." Isn't that your whole raison d'etre?
Also because knots look like shit without a dimple
You mad bro?
Looks good. What suit is that?
Thanks for the response. I'm also curious about the collar band height (front and back) and the point to point spread when worn.And don't worry about your girlfriend. My wife is the same but she has only herself to blame. She's the one who got me interested in dressing nicely.Me now:Before we met:
Does anyone know the measurements of the standard 1738 collar?
He's David. His daughter is Sam. The company is named for her. And David is literally the nicest, most helpful and accommodating person you will ever do business with.
@Luxire How many metres of fabric would I need to source for a 40R 3 piece CMT?
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