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I've noticed Meermin has removed the navy calf adelaides from the website. Anyone know if they are planning on bringing those back? I was just about to place an order and I hate to think I've missed out
So did the suit get sent back and forth for corrections or was the trial and error via email? Did you have a specific style you wanted copied and just send in the jacket and pants for measurements ore were you looking for an exact replica?
Can you share a bit more about your experience ordering the suit?
This is a decent compromise for those of us in countries with high duties and taxes who want to place orders for bigger items like suits and overcoats. I would have preferred the standard shipping charge system, personally, but this seems like a decent alternative.On the topic of suits, can you provide a basic price point for suits (two and three piece) based on the current pant price points? In other words, if a pant in fabric 'X' would cost $179.99, what would a two or...
Thanks gentlemen!
No one has been able to help me with this over on the Meermin thread, so I'm going to see if I can get some help here: I'm a 10 uk in Rain and 10.5 in Simpson. Anyone know what size I'd be in Meermin Olfe, Ama, and New Ray lasts?
FTFYThom Browne would work. Or he could just drop the pretense and go straight to the women's suits.Fucking short jacket trend
I have no idea how you manage it. We're in basically the same location and I get hammered for duties every single time, regardless if it's one shirt or ten. And always for more than $20. I got a $26 bill the other day for a single shirt. So I'm all in favour of the $20 flat fee. If anything, this will make it much more likely for me to order big ticket items (suits, sport coats, overcoats, etc.) that I'd be afraid to order otherwise because of the ridiculous duties I'd get...
You might want to familiarize yourself with the vast sociological and psychological literature that runs contrary to your point of view. Indeed, virtually everything we wear is a form of costuming for whichever "role" we take on. Start with Goffman and go from there.
Jesus, I need to move to Australia. It was almost -40 C in the most southerly parts of Ontario last week.
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