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@Luxire: What's the difference between the Monti of Italy - White Poplin 2/140 at $79.99 and the one at $89.99?
Anyone have any thoughts on or experience with this fabric: http://custom.luxire.com/products/a-touch-of-silk-pure-white The literary Bond always wore white silk shirts and I have to admit I'm a bit curious about why Flemming made that choice for the character. I've thought about trying something like this for my "really nice/special occasion/evening wear" white shirt. Thoughts? Am I missing some critical problem with silk in shirts that I'm unaware of?
Those don't look very wide at all. I can't imagine the standard width not looking narrow on that 44.
Don't worry CruzAzul. I love Tom Ford, so am actually hoping the wide lapels are Ford-like
Would you mind posting some pics?
Does anyone have a picture of wide lapels on a 40R jacket? I've tried searching but had little luck and I want to get a sense of how the wide lapels look with regards to the shoulder width on that size.
In Canada gifts still get duties and taxes charged on them.
Which tie is that?
Damn that's a great collar
What collar is that?
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