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Don't worry CruzAzul. I love Tom Ford, so am actually hoping the wide lapels are Ford-like
Would you mind posting some pics?
Does anyone have a picture of wide lapels on a 40R jacket? I've tried searching but had little luck and I want to get a sense of how the wide lapels look with regards to the shoulder width on that size.
In Canada gifts still get duties and taxes charged on them.
Which tie is that?
Damn that's a great collar
What collar is that?
I won't complain if that turns out to be the case. I've been after navy museum forever.
I've noticed Meermin has removed the navy calf adelaides from the website. Anyone know if they are planning on bringing those back? I was just about to place an order and I hate to think I've missed out
So did the suit get sent back and forth for corrections or was the trial and error via email? Did you have a specific style you wanted copied and just send in the jacket and pants for measurements ore were you looking for an exact replica?
New Posts  All Forums: