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Can anyone recommend any brands that are comparable to Suit Supply in terms of price and quality? Preferably with websites that are easy to order from as well.
I imagine it is much like a knit tie? I actually really like the look of the knot. I might try this myself. What grenadine is that?
Is that the midnight blue fina?
Anyone know if there are any more Washington's coming for the F/W collection?
Does anyone know what the price for Blue-Line tailoring is in Canada? I've tried calling the Toronto store but the SAs I get won't give me a straight answer and keep asking me to come in for a fitting, which is a little difficult, since I'm currently in BC.
Looks fantastic. What's your neck measurement?
Full details on those collars would be much appreciated, including the spread. They look great!
The US and Canada are terrible for both a limited selection and things frequently being sold out. I hope SuitSupply does something to fix this in the near future now that their NA market is growing.
All of Hannibal's suits and shirts for the show are done by Garrison Bespoke in Toronto where the show is filmed.
I'm glad to hear your factories are well run and have working conditions at least comparable to those in North America, but the discussion of exploitation is anything but laughable. The exploitation of workers, in the garment industry in particular, is a well researched and documented phenomena which occurs frequently. The 2013 collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-22476774) is just one example of the poor working conditions...
New Posts  All Forums: