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Don't do number one. Steam can undo the shaping that's done as part of a proper press and even blow seams.
Free everything!Assuming that the above represents the one request you won't do, how about putting the G&R white poplin up for $99? Would love a few shirts in that fabric.
Anyone have any photos of the wide peak lapels in real life?
@Kent, I noticed you've added a forward facing pleat to the list of pant options. If it's a single pleat, does the pleat align with the seam like on these pants?
So have we now seen the entire Fall/Winter collection? If so, I'm really disappointed. Where were the beautiful flannel check three-piece Washingtons?
Luxire has never turned down a special request. So I imagine four weeks from now he would have received a Mohel in the mail.
I think it is because they are out of stock, if I am not mistaken.
Can anyone with a Sienna comment on how structured the shoulders are compared with the Napoli? If I took my typical size the shoulders would be a little snug, but I'm concerned that if I size up they might sit strangely because I get the impression that they aren't at structured as compared with the Napoli (I currently have Napolis, which is why I use it as a comparison point).
Yeah, the size advisor is terrible. It recommends sizes based on how the suits fit on their models (i.e. ass exposingly short and ballcrushingly tight). Beware: their MTM program seems to do the same regardless of how the client wants the suit to fit.
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