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@Kentwang Have you ever considered doing MTO shoes? Different materials in some of your designs or other slight alterations, etc?
I was under the impression that the GMTO program was based on customer submissions. Is that not the case? They just put up what they want and see if people buy in?
Can anyone comment on how long it typically takes to hear back from Meermin about setting up a GMTO? I emailed them last week and haven't heard anything yet.
Don't do number one. Steam can undo the shaping that's done as part of a proper press and even blow seams.
Free everything!Assuming that the above represents the one request you won't do, how about putting the G&R white poplin up for $99? Would love a few shirts in that fabric.
Anyone have any photos of the wide peak lapels in real life?
@Kent, I noticed you've added a forward facing pleat to the list of pant options. If it's a single pleat, does the pleat align with the seam like on these pants?
So have we now seen the entire Fall/Winter collection? If so, I'm really disappointed. Where were the beautiful flannel check three-piece Washingtons?
Luxire has never turned down a special request. So I imagine four weeks from now he would have received a Mohel in the mail.
I think it is because they are out of stock, if I am not mistaken.
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