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Going to try this again and see if it drums up any interest this time. I'd like to do a group MTO for a staple shoe. Black calf, two eyelet derby, on New Ray or Park. Single leather sole. Basically the shoe below in black calf without the detailing. Any takers?
I think this broad-chested gentleman in slim lapels would disagree:
Thanks! Does that include VAT?
Can anyone remind me of what the up charge is for MTO?
Looks big overall to me.
Anyone every gotten a suit made with pleated pants? I'm considering doing a single pleat but would like to see what it looks like first.
Anyone have Kent's navy knit tie? I'm wondering how dark a navy it is. Is it a true navy (like midnight navy) or a medium navy?
Any interest out there for a GMTO for the two shoes below in black calf, rain or simpson last?
Has anyone tried the wrinkle free white poplin? http://custom.luxire.com/products/wrinkle-free-white-poplin-80-2 I'm looking for a white fabric for every day wear that will resist wrinkling but be crisp, formal, and simple enough for suit wear that isn't heavy or hot wearing like a twill tends to be. Open to suggestions for potential fabrics that fit the bill from people who have tried other white luxire fabrics.
Basically, yeah.
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