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This looks promising. I particularly like the side-adjusters on the trousers and the non-pleated shoulder. Now if only they could drop the buttoning point by an inch...
Beautiful! Where did you get those?
Fair enough. It was just a surprise to see a tie clip and pair of cufflinks cost $13 to ship when it used to be a few dollars.
@kentwang the shipping prices seem to have increased substantially for small orders. What happened? I used to order cufflinks for minimal shipping cost....
@Kent - I've got sort of a weird body shape since gaining some weight (18.5 shoulder, 44 chest) and I'm wondering which size of jacket I should order from you for MTM. I might be running as a political candidate in our upcoming election and I want to make sure I look my best.
Apologies if this has been covered before in this thread (I couldn't find anything on it) but has anyone tried the new(?) Luxury suits? The half-canvassed ones with horn buttons and viscose lining? I'm looking for something classically British and am curious about the quality.
Justin, is it possible to do a group MTO and avoid the surcharge, as other shoemakers do?
Great looking collars! Which collar is that? Also, where did you get those top two ties?
What do I think? I think I will take a pair of each in 10.5!
What's the MTO surcharge?
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