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It's not, I am the happy buyer of that coat after looking for one for 2 years I am wearing it right now, actually
I have a baseball jacket a that I had the sleeves shortened on, was not a problem at all
Ouch, was it a pocket sweater or an icelandic? Did it pill?
Yep, 41" chest is a L in the knits. I'm a 42" chest and an XL in a pocket sweater from last season was too big.
Neighbour has thigh measurements (
I haven't bought one this season, but I asked the web store guys about the fit a few weeks ago. Their reply: "The Pocket Sweater fit hasn't really changed, it would just feel different in the Spring/Summer pima cotton yarn compared to the baby alpaca." So yes, TTS.Also, if anyone is looking for a white granite long sleeve I have one in L (a very slim L this season, would be fine for a M) that I worn once before realizing it's just too slim. Send me a PM if interested
Shirts definately fit smaller than last season, I'd say about half a size
Re: shirts, I got some extra measurements from the web store and they pretty much seem identical to the one I have from FW12... So they can't be that much slimmer Ordered one in the same size, will post about fit when I get it
It's slimmer, according to the web store it's "slightly slimmer in the sleeves, body, neck circumference and shoulders" (from an email, I asked them about how this season's shirting fit compared to FW12)
I am pretty much exactly 6' and ~195lbs, I have the fishtail in L and it's pretty big on me. M should be fine.
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