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http://www.styleforum.net/search.php?action=advanced That'll set you up. EA has been discussed here before. Either way, GL.
Donegal, you say? Do you also say 40-42R?
Congrats and best wishes to you both.
Mmmm...tweed-ily indeed-ily. If those are 40-42R...
This.I use a garment bag in the wash and wash the socks on cold, delicate cycle, and then line-dry them. Works like a charm. I hand-washed them when I started but the time commitment was a bit much for socks. The garment bag prevents pulling.
If you're a hard user of socks I might shy away from the pricier socks as they can wear out if not cared for properly. That said, I've worn my socks pretty well (I'm a teacher so I'm on my feet all day, walking around, going from meeting to class and such - definitely not a desk job) and I've only managed to wear a very small hole in one sock at the toe after almost 2 years. Also, this was one of the first socks I bought so it got worn pretty hard; now that I have a real...
^^This is what drove me, finally, to pay top-dollar for socks: the ability to buy properly sized socks. *Such* a difference, not just in aesthetics but in feel as well.
OTC FTW. Skinny trousers may not be friendly to them, but.../shrug And don't sell wool socks short; I've found that a good merino wool is a great boon in winter and very comfy even on warmer days of fall and spring. The biggest advantage: they keep my feet bone dry. I wear Gammarelli and love them to death, and I'm likely to pick up a few Bresciani from Will at ASW soonish.
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