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^^This is what drove me, finally, to pay top-dollar for socks: the ability to buy properly sized socks. *Such* a difference, not just in aesthetics but in feel as well.
OTC FTW. Skinny trousers may not be friendly to them, but.../shrug And don't sell wool socks short; I've found that a good merino wool is a great boon in winter and very comfy even on warmer days of fall and spring. The biggest advantage: they keep my feet bone dry. I wear Gammarelli and love them to death, and I'm likely to pick up a few Bresciani from Will at ASW soonish.
us36, if it happens. Would definitely be interested. Good luck.
Every other Monday is a dangerous day now in my house...I suspect my wife is contemplating hiding the plastic from me until the tie/square-lust has passed. But it never will...
RARE Tom Ford for Gucci by Zegna Black Pinstripe Jacket Sport Coat Blazer 42L NR Name drop much?
Any of those roughly 8US?
FWIW, I am.
Umm...the shirts are Made-to-Measure. They make them according to your own measurements. So yes.It's too early to tell yet...is bad troll bad?
Really? The OP has a thought about what people should have to "avoid being poorly dressed" and, in that light, the navy blazer becomes even more essential in our modern "Casual-FridayEveryday" world. Any reason for dropping the navy blazer or just a generic anti-Brooks stance?
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