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Deets on that camel hair jacket and are any of those shoes 8D?
So what're the deets on that JPress tweedy-looking delight and the red/blue bowtie? Hope you're feeling better.
+1 on the moleskins. I've always disliked cotton pants, even khakis, but these have converted me to a believer. Trouble is, I'm hooked on HY cotton pants (I'm sure Jamison doesn't see this as a problem).
When the day comes that Spoo shuffles off this mortal coil, I think we can all agree that it suits him to go out crushed by the weight of first-class menswear. Here's to a speedy recovery *lifts JD*
And, to be fair, those people who would be looking at that area close-up might be impressed."That's right, baby. I need the crotch of my pants reinforced."On topic, I have lambswool flannel HY trousers, wear them as part of my regular rotation, and have had no such trouble. Been almost 4 months now I think of weekly wear.
Correct. No tag, no keeper. Just their signature "V" stitch at the corners.
Yeah, deets on that green stripe please.
Any info on that Barbera SC and that JPress would be welcome.
I got that red chrysanthemum one myself. Love Vanda.
Nice stuff.
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