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I'd go for their year-round Super 100's, which (I think) are currently mostly out of stock but hopefully will get restocked as Spring/Summer comes in.The sizes Jameson posts are accurate, so you can see waist, thigh, etc... measurements for the pants. If you're worried about the thighs fitting you might size up and take the waist in. But in my experience with HY the USA-pants are a great slim fit with a little more room in the thighs than the Italian-made (I size up in...
Unless something has changed, HY isn't Jameson's work, it's his hobby (or passion, if you prefer). That it's taken off is a testament to the value (not cheap-ness) that he provides. So we're not dealing with a "one-man operation" but rather one man doing something he enjoys on the side. If it means I have to wait a couple of weeks for a quality pair of pants or shirts or such, so be it.
To be fair, Jameson has recently started doing mid-season restocks on terribly popular items. It's how I got some of those ever-so-sweet Donegal trousers this past winter.And I'd much rather have HY remain a smaller operation and pass along those savings. I find HY to be a tremendous value and Jameson does take care of you, even if some patience is required. Festina lente, as they say.+1 for HY
NR = No Reserve. POW = Prince of Wales, usually, if in relation to suits/sport coats and the like.
How aggressively slim are HY shirts? Are they darted? Cause if they're on point I'm going to grab several on sale.
What's the deets on those Aldens?
I found Kamakura via ivy-style and have fallen hard for their OCBD's. I may never go back to any other. I took a regular fit and find it to be much less billowy than your average American-cut shirt. Fabrics are amazing, with their oxford cloth feeling rustic but not at all harsh, and they've held up well to weekly wear. I plan to make regular trips every time I'm in NYC.
Amen. I've been biting my lip with the winter sale up since I'd much rather get some fresh things for the warmer weather.
Deets on that camel hair jacket and are any of those shoes 8D?
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