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Thanks. I don't mind the age; like I said, I really only thrift for me.
I hate that I didn't read this until now. I saw four Christmas-themed ties in three locations today, and Christian Dior Monsieur stuff was thick on the ground too. Argh!Question...I saw pants today with a Marshalls tag still on it. Would that have counted?
I never post in here because most of the thrifting I do is A) just for me and B) wildly unsuccessful compared to what the hardcore in here find. Most of the good stuff I see is not my size, and I don't really flip, so... HOWEVER, today I found something I've never seen before, and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than I can confirm it's real. That Rubinacci and the Zegna...real? Best part is I paid $3 for the Polo, BB, & Zegna and $1.50 for the Rubinacci.
Congrats to you, Spoo, and a hearty thanks for all the work you put in to make LuxeSwap such a boon to the larger community. Enjoy your vacation, and I've got a box of stuff for you when you get back.
Next Vanda sale we do an SF crowd-funded project to get Spoo over there to proxy for us.
It's not quite a ceremony, but initiation could be something as simple as when you first proudly post (INSERT MEGA-BRAND NAME HERE) item only to be told it's a fake.
If you find some staple 40R's in there.... Grats on the score.
Meermin, cap toes in black. Later, something similar in dark brown. GL
My experience with their OCBDs is mixed. Same cloth, but one shirt shrunk imperceptibly and the other perceptibly. Not a great deal, certainly not 0.5in, but a bit more than the other. FWIW
For me, the ability to get fitted socks is worth it. I have smaller feet and most '1-size' socks are laughably large. Also, high-quality wool socks were revelatory and I've been slowly replacing most of my old cotton socks with merino wool, even for wear in the summer. That said, I still have a handful of Gold-Toe as beater socks and I know some of those have lasted me 5 years or more.
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