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Thanks. I don't mind the age; like I said, I really only thrift for me.
I hate that I didn't read this until now. I saw four Christmas-themed ties in three locations today, and Christian Dior Monsieur stuff was thick on the ground too. Argh!Question...I saw pants today with a Marshalls tag still on it. Would that have counted?
I never post in here because most of the thrifting I do is A) just for me and B) wildly unsuccessful compared to what the hardcore in here find. Most of the good stuff I see is not my size, and I don't really flip, so... HOWEVER, today I found something I've never seen before, and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than I can confirm it's real. That Rubinacci and the Zegna...real? Best part is I paid $3 for the Polo, BB, & Zegna and $1.50 for the Rubinacci.
Congrats to you, Spoo, and a hearty thanks for all the work you put in to make LuxeSwap such a boon to the larger community. Enjoy your vacation, and I've got a box of stuff for you when you get back.
Next Vanda sale we do an SF crowd-funded project to get Spoo over there to proxy for us.
It's not quite a ceremony, but initiation could be something as simple as when you first proudly post (INSERT MEGA-BRAND NAME HERE) item only to be told it's a fake.
If you find some staple 40R's in there.... Grats on the score.
Meermin, cap toes in black. http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2033 Later, something similar in dark brown. GL
My experience with their OCBDs is mixed. Same cloth, but one shirt shrunk imperceptibly and the other perceptibly. Not a great deal, certainly not 0.5in, but a bit more than the other. FWIW
For me, the ability to get fitted socks is worth it. I have smaller feet and most '1-size' socks are laughably large. Also, high-quality wool socks were revelatory and I've been slowly replacing most of my old cotton socks with merino wool, even for wear in the summer. That said, I still have a handful of Gold-Toe as beater socks and I know some of those have lasted me 5 years or more.
New Posts  All Forums: