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"pit-to-pit" It's the chest measurement of a jacket taken by measuring from under one armpit to the other.
Saphir's Mahagoni cream might do you, although it might be a touch too red.Nice shoes.
This makes me want to frame the certificate and hang it up on my wall at work. Can't wait till my belt arrives...praying to the Customs gods for smooth sailing!
This: http://www.styleforum.net/t/4084/stain-removal-guide I used the full-on vinegar - Oxy-Clean soak - washing procedure maybe once a year or so on my most worn shirts and it got them fresh as new, all around the collar and in the pits too. Fortunately I've managed to enlarge my shirt wardrobe to such an extent that no shirt gets worn more than twice a month nowadays but I can attest to the effectiveness of this method. It was a life (and money) saver. Otherwise,...
First off, why are you wearing a suit and no tie? Kidding aside, IMO the "rules" don't change that much without a tie. Stick to plain colors or simple patterns for a more conservative look; don't explicitly "match" your PS with any other part of your outfit; try to pick a fabric that provides some textural contrast or interest; etc...I like the idea of a bolder silk PS when going tie-less, especially if you're tie-less with a suit. When I'm tie-less it's usually with...
Great interview...I have been holding off on all purchases for fall in anticipation of Ed's new items. Bring it on!
IIRC Will at A Suitable Wardrobe carries Simmonot-Godard...can't recall if it's limited runs or not though.
+1Oh goodness, to have a reliable and quality place to get waistcoats!
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