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11628+28 = 11656Surprised myself with the last 3 @ +30lb
I'll go in for 30ml.
11298 + 50 = 11348
http://www.styleforum.net/search.php?action=advanced There ya go.
11131 + 27 = 11158 Just found this thread, nice idea. Today's were +30lb in three sets. Will keep updating as I go.
If the suit's a 42 then the pants were probably a 36 to start. I'd ask if the pants have been tailored or how much room is left to let the pants out. But more likely I'd pass. 4" is too much to tailor.
I have a pair that color (not the AE but an older Gravati pair) and I wear them with medium colors (med grey, blue) or when I rarely wear darker tan trousers. Following the general "rule" that your shoes should be darker than your trousers, I'd avoid wearing them with darker colors (dark navy, charcoal grey, etc...).FWIW I will say this...they rock with denim.
BrianP, what would the size on that sexy Jarvis & Hamilton be? /fingerscrossed
I polish my shoes with diamonds. And the skins of baby seals are my buffing cloths.
+1 Can't disagree.
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