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Wonderful!I've often toyed with the idea of playing around with stripping a pair of RM's and dyeing them into some more interesting colour. I was always tentative because I was unsure as to whether or not it was possible. Access to lots of seconds in chestnut and black always had me thinking of the possibilities.May I ask you some questions concerning your process?-You mention these being brown Wentworths - were they a dark brown? Darker at least than this reddish colour...
Well,this post by dibadiba, and of course the post by DWFII immediately following it, in the Leather Properties thread go into moose talk a bit. http://www.styleforum.net/t/354137/leather-quality-and-properties/80_80#post_6492498
Are you intimating that those who will be buying these will actually be using them as "work boots"? Because I can assure that that's a very unlikely prospect.
I would say profit is the major motive (as it is with most things). The comfort line of boots, particularly the craftsman, is their best seller from all accounts I've been given from indept. retailers and RM's shop fronts.I would've thought it was the other way around actually, concerning the continuance of the DF vs the CC range that is, as from what I can recall the major draw to the DF was that it was "airport friendly". At least that's what the marketing around it was...
PM sent!
They're different lasts and toe shapes.Imagine that there are two prototypical RM's: Turnout = roundtoe, Craftsman = chisel toe.Everything else (apart from one hideous exception for women) is a variation of one or the other - ie. more round, round and narrow, round with a twist, square, fat square etc.Macq. are round but narrow compared to the Turnout (I think the infamous "forum special" is based on the macquarie's toe).Henly's a chisel toe but it's wider IIRC compared...
I was under the impression the 2040 only really had that noticeable bump with a box toe? I'm sure I've seen a roughout, unstructured 2040 service boot on here somewhere. Flat as a 2030 unstructured IIRC, but perhaps they had been significantly worn in.
You've not been to very many "music festivals" I see.
Very nice.I do like the colour.(I'd prefer a service boot in this form of copper rather than the roughout to be honest)edit:Did you size similarly to white's SD for these?
IInsoles and outsoles:DFC (dynamic flex craft.) has a removable insole and a weird, apparently problematic, hybrid leather/rubber outsole. The goto boot if you need a special orthodic insole.Regular craftsman = leather insole and outsoleComfort craft. = composite outsole, and a padded synthetic insole (poron? texon? something like that - some kind of fibreboard for cushioning)One more combination you didn't mention is the Blaxland (composite outsole, leather insole).
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