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This was not my experience at all. I wouldn't give up.
I just received my Meermins in light brown calf (Rui last). I think they match up well to my Allen Edmonds. To my untrained eye the leather seems comparable to AE (although, I cannot wait for the Meermins to develop a patina) and they seem quite sturdy (the soles are quite stiff). These seem well worth the price.
Rochester is not a great place to find high quality shoes, but there is a place called The Red Barn that stocks a limited supply of Allen Edmonds, Santoni, and Bruno Magli shoes.'s_Apparel
I love that jacket!
Breeches that go below the knee bother me. It's just unnatural, men should be wearing striped trunk hose. Seriously, though, there is a difference between having an opinion and acting as if certain clothing styles are innately superior and not a social construct.
Did you wear them while driving?
I don't suggest the kids section for suits and sports coats because, in my experience, they're not cut the same as an adult suit. Maybe I just had a bad experience.
I'm 5'8" and around 140 pounds, and I've had trouble finding suits with shoulders narrow enough for my frame. I have a couple slim Paul Smith London suits that are 16 1/2" across the shoulder that fit like a glove, although they are a few years old and I don't know what Paul Smith's current line is like. I've also had good luck with Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald fit suits and blazers in 36s. Their shoulders are around 17" across and the length is perfect for me. I want to...
The "Hipster Cop" is a friend of mine. I don't get the negativity from some people on here. He is one of the best dressed guys I know (he helped inspire me to clean up my ways), and he has better sartorial taste than most of the people I see on WAYWRN. Honestly, when was the last time a real police officer got national recognition for dressing well?
That is an awesome pocket square, Woolymammoth!
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