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We met at work and her provacative dress made me only want to sleep with her. She portrayed herself in a completely different way than she really is. Then I got to know the real her. Fast forward a couple years, now we live together.Everything I've said about her on this thread I've told her, and I'm sure she'd cry when hearing I posted about it on some internet forum. So I'd rather avoid that instead of manning up. Also, before we even started dating, I told her she...
I don't see how it's so hard to believe that, as her boyfriend, I have genuine concern about her career and how she's perceived.As I've said, i'd rather have a fashionable man's opinion, particularly one familiar with the white collar environment, which seems to be the majority here. But thanks, you've been very helpful.
Is it really necessary to be a smartass? It's a legitimate question and I'm not "trolling" as all the forum people call it.
Well I don't see how this has nothing to do with fashion and how it's any different from me asking "hey does this ____ look ok for (name function)?" I have complete trust in my girlfriend and her motives and don't think she's doing it for men and this has nothing to do with me being jealous or insecure. This has everything to do with me genuinely caring about her and how she is perceived in the office by her peers and boss.As hinted below, I have spoken to her about it,...
Well, do you have any?Haha no, sorry.
Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum. And I'd rather ask men because I think fashionable men know more about fashion than an average woman. Anyway, my girlfriend wears certain outfits to the office that I think are borderline inappropriate and/or maybe too casual for the workplace (officially a busines casual office). Tell me if I'm crazy, but in the past 2 weeks she's worn: 1 - A very tight short sleeve shirt (not low-cut) with a very padded bra. Her boss had even...
Anyone else? Do you all agree with Pvrhye? I know traditionally you're not supposed to wear any black with brown, but I've heard some people (who seem to know fashion) say they'd wear black shoes with a chocolate suit.
Yeah the lighting isn't very good. The shoes on the left (picture's left) are actually black.
Which ones? They're 2 different colors.
Going to a job fair in the morning. I really thought this suit was black when I bought it but it looks kind of like a dark chocolate. 3 other people said it's brown upon a closer look. So do I wear it with black shoes or brown shoes (I have both colors on in the 2nd picture). The pictures don't don't quite accurately reflect what color it looks in person.
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