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Quote: Originally Posted by frackk00 Among the three though, there's something about Castro which makes me think of him as the most stylish. His style resembles that of Che Guevara's and who doesn't know Che's style, right ? Aside from that "fighter" look, he's just so marketable. I guess? Too bad he is a filthy communist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Current prices in Waitrose: Condoms: £8.99 Pregnancy Test: £7.99 I know I want to save £1 Awesome.
Come on gentlemen! This is a serious question.
Freeze your card and all your assets, change all passwords and confidential info, order a new card from your bank. Voila!
I just wanted to ask you guys a question if you don't mind. I am having a famous Austrian jeweler remove an engraving on a gold ring because it was not the right type of engraving, now he will engrave the same thing but in intaglio so it will be a deeper engraving and inverted. In order to do this he told me that he has to fill in the old engraving with gold. Now I was wondering whether the fusion would be perfect or whether it would affect the ring's solidity in the long...
LOL! But come on guys, seriously please!
Hitler didn't dress well at all though I like the Waffen SS Uniforms. Stalin didn't dress welll either, late communist uniforms are nice though. Franco well... Lets say he wasn't Cary Grant. Mussolini dressed OK but he could have made an effort.
Is there any way to get a weapon in the UK? (I'm not British by the way but a European Citizen)
No, its just for a few centimeters and the smaller size is well to tight for me! I bought a ton of Levi and RL jeans at a fraction of the price I thought it'd be good to get them adjusted!
How comes most dictators were not only from a Proletarian family but were also very poorly dressed? How comes there never was any fashionable dictator?
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