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I used to prefer 3. Then I started wearing suits that fit. Now I prefer 2.
If it's more then a week or so between interviews I doubt anyone would remember what suit you wore. If it's less time, best to wear a different one. If the first was navy/white, try gray/blue- eye-calming colors. (Since I'm one of the legion desperate job seekers, I've actually thought about this exact thing more than once, sadly.) Good luck!
I'm well aware of the general opinion of JAB stuff here, but what about this (outerwear) jacket at this price- bad deal or somewhat-less-than-bad deal? I've been looking for a tweed short coat, and this is the closest I've come to finding what I want. Thanks.
Something like this maybe? I just picked it up on ebay:
Quote: Originally Posted by cfig That's exactly the sort of shoe I was looking at, I need to try to find something that's a bit flexible style-wise though as I'm not a regular suit wearer (I'm thinking maybe a monk strap). Where'd you find some for 200? Most I've seen online and retail start at 295. I just ordered these from Amazon for 125: Probably undeclared seconds, but still...
Those two at the top look like a cross between Tolkien elves and Navi
I think I may have found the perfect self-help book for douchefriend. Around the 3:00 mark find Jimmy Fallon's review of "How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men."
Did you have to return some video tapes later?
Look on the bright side- at least you're not a bitter 30 year old postdoc with the same problem. You can be saaaaaaaaaved!!!
Another option might be a shadow stripe or herringbone, which would be more subtle- same color but different weave, like in the Brooks Brothers navy Saxxon herringbone suit...
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