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Looks like the sale starts on the 5th: Quote: Originally Posted by Grenadier I have the Fitzgerald in the Saxxon navy herringbone. It is a wonderful fabric with which you cannot go wrong. I have this one too- it's very luxurious. Do you find though that it picks up and holds onto lint like crazy? Or maybe I just have a dust problem...
Needed it on short notice for senior pictures. Charcoal and literally two sizes too big. Kept it for ten years, wore it once more for an international conference. Saw how ridiculous I looked compared to everybody else and promptly handed off to Goodwill
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff I like the name. Standard snifters or tumblers not good enough for ya? Also, what's the bottle say about the first barrel? I can mostly make out the sherry casks bit, but can't see what it's saying about the first one. The standard used bourbon barrels? Yep, "many years of maturation" in oak. It's only in the sherry casks for the final months, but it's still plenty sweet.
Forgive the glamour shot, I just got my new Glencairn tasting glasses
For the same price range, maybe also check out Paul Fredrick. I got a suit from MW once on short notice for a job interview, and although the fabric is utter crap, it ended up fitting perfectly thanks to the store seamstress and a bit of luck. I ended up getting the job, so the return on the ~$300 investment was great, and I'd feel fine donating it to the local service league.
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder
If this is the same guys as that Darya trading fraud, I can just about guarantee that's polyester. Edit: not that it matters, missed the necropoast.
Well I'm at the other end of the spectrum, I ordered a 36S last spring. It fits perfectly in the shoulders, maybe a bit too snugly for some people's tastes. A 37 would have been just fine. Being cursed with narrow shoulders I had to get the waist let out about an inch, and now it fits great all around. So unless you're really thin you could probably size up without any problem.
#1 or #3. The tie in #1 looks a bit too narrow for those lapels though, and the matching ps in #3 is kinda awful.
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