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Don't know if it has a name, but it was a hot day and raw materials were limited, so...2 parts Glenfiddich, 1 part apple cider, dash of Angostura stirred, strained, & garnished with a cinnamon stick Tasty.
I vaguely recall seeing some WWII movie where a German officer spotted a US infiltrator by watching how he ate a steak. Might have been Inglourious Basterds.
It probably depends on how 'micro' the pattern is. This is my go-to job interview suit:§ionsize= I don't think anyone would consider that too casual (I even got an offer while wearing it )
Quote: Originally Posted by changy San Diego and Detroit are not the same class Detroit should be in its own Omega class.
Any general opinions on the quality of Corbin brand trousers? Thanx.
Excuse me, can I get that Double Venti Laphroaig to go?
Quote: Originally Posted by Liquidus I bought the solid grey Fitz yesterday and the color is much darker in real life than in the picture. It's actually charcoal rather than grey. Same with mine I got last year.
Tell him if he doesn't straighten up you'll have them all wear morning coats and top hats!
Quote: Originally Posted by RTenenbaum Thanks for the suggestions, guys. Thanks for the idea. How often does BB have a sale? Oh, pretty often, to varying degrees. Other folks here would know better, I've only bought suits from them once through the website. They have a "Friends & Family" sale twice a year I think- in spring and in fall for 15-20% off. The next one should start around May 5.
BB suiting essentials separates are about that price, though not as nice obviously. I think they can come in Regent cuts... Also, sale starts next week.
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